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About the loyalty program

PINS is the airBaltic frequent flyer loyalty program with a loyalty currency that is also called “PINS”. The more you fly, the greater the privileges, which include a free baggage allowance, no queues, reserved seats and much more to make travelling more pleasant. 

You can collect PINS by flying with airBaltic, shopping in airports, staying in hotels, renting cars, dining in restaurants, shopping at well-known international online shops, and even by using the airBaltic Payment Card or the PINS MasterCard.

The PINS program has various card designs from which you can choose, but if you are a frequent flyer, then the most suitable one for you will be the green airBaltic PINS card

airBaltic PINS airBaltic PINS ExecutiveairBaltic PINS VIPairBaltic PINS Young PilotPINS

The more you fly with airBaltic and the more PINS you collect, the higher your membership level

If you aren’t an airBaltic PINS program member yet, join the program right away! 

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Are you still a BalticMiles card-holder? Have you recently received a black PINS card and you are not sure why? Find more relevant information here.


Young Pilot

Children are welcome to start collecting PINS as soon as they reach 2 years of age and are enrolled in the program by their parents or legal guardians. The youngest members are issued with a special Young Pilot card which allows children to collect PINS and reach Executive and VIP membership levels in the same way as adults.

Young Pilot cards do not have an expiry date. They can be exchanged for a standard PINS card on request when a child reaches 12 years of age.

Young Pilots can exchange their PINS for the same rewards that are available to any PINS member. On behalf of the child, PINS can also be redeemed by a Young Pilot’s parents or guardians.

From time to time, Young Pilots will be provided with special exclusive PINS offers.



Please note! The given prices and information replace any information published previously and are subject to amendments or cancellation taken unilaterally by airBaltic at any time. The equivalent of the given prices in a different currency may vary depending on the currency fluctuation and applied rate. A bank applies its own exchange rates and commissions, thus the total amount may differ from that on the website.
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