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Our people strategy

To ensure our corporate ability to implement chosen strategies and reach established business goals through acquisition, rewarding, development and retention of positive, loyal and customer-focused professionals.

The goal of the People Strategy is to make sure that at all times we’ve got the right talent in place to most effectively achieve our business targets. People Strategy consists of talent acquisition, selection, rewarding, performance management and development processes.

Professional Competences that are layed as the base for Human Resource Management processes, are as follows:

Knowledge & Quality

Description:  Understanding of job responsibilities and scope of authority. Employee holds necessary professional skills and required knowledge to accomplish job.  Strives to achieve accuracy and consistency in a timely manner.  Organizes work to achieve maximum productivity, meets standards.


Description: Subjective feelings and beliefs of an employee  about workplace in general, that reflects into behavior demonstrated towards company values, one’s duties, responsibilities, and other aspects of a particular job.


Description: Cooperation with colleagues in order to reach common goals. Treats others with respect and dignity, actively participates in team meetings. Communicates effectively. Shows diplomacy in dealing with others, manages conflict in an efficient and productive manner.

Self- Development

Description: Employee takes accountability for own development. Analyses own strengths and development needs, is aware of knowledge and skill gaps.


Description: Takes prompt action to accomplish tasks or meet goals and objectives. Does not wait for someone else to tell him/her what to do. Does things in advance in order to avoid problems that might appear in the future.  Offers creative and innovative ideas for improvements and solutions to problems.

Customer focus

Description: Encourages excellent service to both external and internal customers. Always tries to provide services that meet or exceed customer expectations and takes responsibility for solving customer related problems.

Leadership Competencies include also Team Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Motivating Others and Results Orientation.

Still, if you’re professional with a positive attitude towards life, if a sense of loyalty towards the organization you belong to is a value for you, if a customer oriented approach guides all your relationships, besides, you speak fluent English, you can join us at any age!

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