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Animal travel guide

To make your journey with airBaltic as pleasant as possible for both you and your pet, we have put together some important advice for you here. 

If your animal has to travel in the cabin as hand luggage or in the cargo hold as checked baggage, please ensure that its container corresponds to current IATA regulations (International Air Transport Association).

1. Pets in the cabin (as hand luggage)

The only pets allowed are dogs and cats.

If your pet is travelling in the cabin as hand luggage, please ensure that the animal has enough space in the container (also known as a “soft bag” or “Sherpa bag”) to stand up in its natural position, turn around and lie down. 

  • Each passenger may carry only one container.
  • The container must be entirely closeable.
  • A passenger travelling with an infant cannot transport an animal in the cabin.
  • A container must be used when transporting the pet.
  • The pet must remain in its container throughout the entire flight.
  • During take-off and landing, the container must be stowed under the seat in front of you.
  • The pet must be odorless.
  • Container's max. dimensions and weight:

a) maximum dimensions: 55 x 40 x 23 cm
b) maximum weight: 8 kg (pet together with container)

  • The container must be well-ventilated and may not be easily destructible by the animal inside of it.
  • The pet must not require any attention in transit, nor be objectionable to other passengers.
  • A passenger with a pet may not be seated in an emergency exit row.

2. Transport container for animals in the cargo compartment (as checked baggage)

  • The maximum dimensions of the container are 80 x 156 x 86 cm (width x length x height).
  • The transport container must be large enough for the animal to stand in its natural position, to turn around and to lie down. 
  • The transport container must be designed to be leak-proof, e.g. lined with absorbent material such as cardboard or blankets. 
  • The container must be escape-proof. We recommend sturdy plastic or wood containers made from harmless and non-toxic materials. Wire-mesh and soft sided cages will be not accepted for transportation. 
  • To prevent the animal from injuring itself, the interior of the container must not have any sharp corners, edges or nails. 
  • If the container has castors, these must be removed. 
  • Food and water bowls must be attached to the inside of the container. The material must be harmless and non-toxic. 
  • Transport containers must have ventilation holes on at least three sides.
  • The animal’s lead, harness or tether does not belong in the transport container – it must be tied or affixed to the top of the container. You can also carry it in your hand luggage. This ensures that there is no risk of your animal strangling itself in the container. 
  • Any container with an animal exceeding the total weight of 32 kg must be equipped with at least 2 handles. 

3. The welfare of the animal 
Here are a few tips to ensure the welfare of your animal during its journey:

  • Put a soft comfort-blanket with your scent on it and your pet’s favorite toy in the transport container; the familiar scent will help calm your pet.
  • Get your pet used to the transport container at home: put the animal in the container for an hour or two at a time, then reward it with a treat.
  • Many pets are very nervous before and during a flight. Nevertheless, you should think carefully about whether you want to give your pet a sedative. An animal’s reaction to sedatives cannot be foreseen because it can lead to circulation problems during the flight. Please speak to your vet about this.


Please note! The given prices and information replace any information published previously and are subject to amendments or cancellation taken unilaterally by airBaltic at any time. The equivalent of the given prices in a different currency may vary depending on the currency fluctuation and applied rate. A bank applies its own exchange rates and commissions, thus the total amount may differ from that on the website.
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