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Baltic Outlook
April 2015

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Aviation has a significant impact on national and regional economies, and Latvia’s aviation system is crucial for connecting the country with Europe’s main cities. Air links are lifelines for business and tourism in today’s economies, enabling swift travel for passengers and smooth logistics for cargo. In addition, the connections created between cities and markets generate numerous benefits, including foreign direct investment and business clusters.

News in brief

New flights to Croatia, Italy and GreeceAalborg

Gothenburg and Aalborg enhance the summer schedule

Improved service to Stockholm

Freeze the price on summer flights

New payment options at

Up in the air

Vilmantas Mažonas is doing his dream job and has helped many other people to fulfil their dreams of flying commercial aircraft. Always with a smile on his face, but simultaneously serious and professional as an instructor. Level-headed, smart and with an analytical mind, say his former students. Although he is a man of few words, Mažonas can speak four languages and admires the universal language of music and art. In this interview he plays down the glorification of pilots, shares his passions and reveals his visions of the future.

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