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Baltic Outlook
July 2016

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Dear Customer,

Today our traveller satisfaction is at its peak. Every year we conduct a comprehensive survey to understand where we can do better. This year the results are the highest in the past three years. And all our customer groups tell us of significant improvements in airBaltic services – foreigners visiting the Baltic region; Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians flying on our direct flights to Western capitals; travellers using our Riga hub as a transit point; agencies and business travellers using one of our high-frequency routes.

1/  Fly for EUR 69 round-trip this autumn

2/ Get inspired at

3/ airBaltic is now the No. 1 airline in Estonia

4/ New flights to Reykjavik

5/ Fly airBaltic to Europe’s best beaches until late autumn

Although Jouni Juhani Oksanen has been with airBaltic for only four months, he has already begun to revolutionise the airline’s e-commerce and make it even more customer-friendly.

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