Dear guests,

Spring is here and we at airBaltic can feel it. To let you enjoy the springtime even more, we are offering not only brand new planes, but also lots of new destinations. At some of them, like Catania or Geneva, you might even say that it is summer already. Secondly, the geographical coverage that we can provide through our partner carriers is the most extensive ever. And thirdly, our solid business results have enabled us to offer an unprecedented array and number of affordable tickets. All of this should help to springboard our growth.

As we add key international airports to our route map, our regional network is also expanding in parallel. We have launched the first domestic flight from Riga to Liepāja on the Baltic coast. Now, many travellers can fly to this beautiful Latvian “city where the wind is born” via our Riga hub in just under 30 minutes. This is enabling our passengers to have comfortable day trips for business or leisure.

We are staying regional, but now also looking at Sweden, where we are continuing to expand our cooperation, making it easier for you to find a convenient departure or arrival point as close as possible to your intended destination. For example, we recently teamed up with Next Jet, opening access to such Swedish cities as Jönköping, Karlstad and Hemavan. At the same time, the customers of our Swedish partner will gain unprecedented new access to the Baltic region

We are delighted that you, our customers, have been appreciating our efforts and travelling more. This is contributing to our profitability and providing a solid basis for expanding airBaltic even further.

Thank you for flying with us, and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss