Dear Customer,

As you enjoy the vacation month of August and savour a cocktail at one of our summer destinations, we are making careful preparations to ensure that your future travel is even more convenient. 

Our main focus is to make Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia better connected to other destinations with direct flights. This summer alone we announced 14 new routes for the Baltic Sea region – the largest expansion for us since completing our restructuring and achieving profitability. We have strengthened our services from Riga, our main hub, by adding warm-weather destinations, and by improving our flight schedules to Scandinavian and Western airports. Vilnius has grown tremendously – from just one direct route a year ago, we have now evolved to offer seven direct services to key airports in Western and Northern Europe and will gradually introduce additional destinations if Lithuania-bound travellers demonstrate strong demand.

For Tallinn, we recently announced two new direct services to Amsterdam and Stockholm Bromma, complementing the current Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Riga flights. Aside from improving Tallinn’s connectivity, these new routes are creating new access to airports globally via the Amsterdam hub, while the new Bromma link is welcome news for the business communities in both Sweden and Estonia. The developments in Estonia and Lithuania are part of our five-year Horizon 2021 business plan, which envisages 11 direct routes out of both Tallinn and Vilnius.

Our all-new jet – the Bombardier CS300 – is scheduled to enter service with airBaltic in late 2016, and we recently welcomed its first major debut at the Paris Air Show. The strengthening of direct services in the Baltic Sea region will also involve a continual re-evaluation of the airBaltic fleet for the coming years, especially our regional aircraft.

Did you know that the Baltic States are a superb region for those who enjoy being by the water? With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, over 5,000 lakes and over 10,000 rivers and streams, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are perfect destinations for all kinds of water sports, including canoeing, fishing and sailing.

Thank you for flying airBaltic and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss