Dear Customer,

Today our traveller satisfaction is at its peak. Every year we conduct a comprehensive survey to understand where we can do better. This year the results are the highest in the past three years. And all our customer groups tell us of significant improvements in airBaltic services – foreigners visiting the Baltic region; Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians flying on our direct flights to Western capitals; travellers using our Riga hub as a transit point; agencies and business travellers using one of our high-frequency routes.

You as our customers have singled out such strengths as airBaltic flight schedules, the convenient webpage, flight alerts, check-in reminders, professional and friendly service. A significant group of travellers surveyed would welcome more favourable ticket prices, and airBaltic has already responded by substantially lowering fares this year. Furthermore, airBaltic will also improve such service areas as comfortable seating and space for hand luggage as soon as our all-new Bombardier CS300 jets are introduced later this year. If you feel we can do more about improving our service, please share your feedback with one of our team members, and it will go right into upgrading our existing and designing new products. 

We are also very delighted to see that growth in the number of travellers goes up hand in hand with their satisfaction. We have seen a double-digit increase in the number of passengers for the first part of the year, and this trend is very strong in Estonia and Lithuania. In Tallinn, we achieved No. 1 position for yet another month in May, recording 47% more travellers, while our Vilnius operation grew by 36%. We sincerely thank our Estonian and Lithuanian customers for choosing airBaltic as their home carrier!

Did you know that our new Bombardier CSeries jets have achieved another milestone as CS100 aircraft has been awarded Type Validation by EU and US regulators following a comprehensive testing programme? This paves the way for CS300 entry in service with airlines around the world!

Thank you for flying airBaltic, and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss