Dear Customer,

Innovation is the main driver of growth in the aviation industry. Since the first commercial flight more than a hundred years ago, airlines have sought to introduce the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition.

A brand new fleet of Canadian-built Bombardier CS300 jets will soon become a defining feature of our airline, as we will be the world’s first operator of this aircraft. Most importantly, these state-of-theart planes will offer a much better travel experience to you, our customer. You will immediately notice more space in the cabin, more light due to larger windows, larger overhead bins for storing your hand luggage and wider middle seats – all in all a more pleasant environment. It is also likely that you will spend less time travelling to your dream destination, as due to the improved range of the CS300, you may no longer need to connect via a hub airport, but will be able to take a direct flight.

Our airline’s investment in the Bombardier CS300 jets means that we will be consuming up to 20% less fuel. This aircraft is also of the right size for airBaltic’s routes, helping us to reduce operating costs per traveller by around 25%. The capability of the aircraft and its new engine, combined with airBaltic’s robust fuel conservation programme and green navigation initiatives, will reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20% and 50% respectively. At the same time, airport neighbourhoods will be up to four times quieter than before the introduction of this state-of-the-art aircraft.

We are delighted that, along with significant economic benefits, the CS300 will help to reduce your personal environmental footprint in Europe, the Middle East, the CIS and other regions where airBaltic operates. We have decided to boost that effect by ordering seven additional aircraft, bringing the total number of CS300 jets in our fleet to 20. We have also been very satisfied to learn that major global carriers are following suit by placing unprecedented orders with Bombardier, or publicly supporting this unique technology, which did not exist just a few years ago.

Meanwhile, multiple teams and professionals at airBaltic are undergoing specialised training to prepare for the CS300’s entry into service. This is a 100% new aircraft in the way that you fly it, maintain it and enjoy it as a passenger. We truly hope that you share in our enthusiasm once the jets enter service later this year.

Did you know that during the past six years, our airBaltic Training Centre has offered almost 30,000 hours of flight simulator training to pilots from 50 countries around the world?

Thank you for flying airBaltic and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss