Dear guests,

Each week I travel on at least two airBaltic flights within Europe. Just like you, I go through check-in or, if I have no bags, I check in online with three clicks on my mobile phone. Then I walk through security and feel at ease as I reach the departure gate, because I’m sure I’ve made it on time for my next flight. Then boarding starts, and I join the queue. Depending on the airport and the type of aircraft, we board the aircraft directly or first take a short bus ride. The experience is different each time – sometimes I am asked to weigh my bag at the gate because it might be too heavy, and sometimes I am asked to show my passport. But I always hear ‘have a nice flight’ or a similar phrase from the agent. Finally, the cabin crew greets me with a smile, and I take my seat.

This is the moment when I know I will make my next business appointment on time. For several years now I have enjoyed this feeling while travelling on board the most punctual airline in the world! During the flight I either work or watch a film on my laptop as I enjoy the fastest way to travel in comfort. The friendliness of our staff throughout the flight amazes me every time, and I am very thankful to all of the people involved in ensuring that I have a positive flight experience with the leading airline in the Baltics.

I trust you are having a similar experience today and wish you a pleasant flight on airBaltic!

P.S. This month our new Bombardier CS300 aircraft will be presented to the world at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris! This makes us all proud.


Martin Alexander Gauss