1/ Flights to Mediterranean holiday destinations are back

2/ Direct links between Tallinn and Vilnius

3/ New flights to Reykjavik

4/ Fly to exotic Baku and see a Formula 1 race

5/ airBaltic teams up with Iberia

6/ airBaltic blog

7/ Save time and money with online check-in

Flights to Mediterranean holiday destinations are back

With wintertime ending soon, airBaltic will be switching back to its summer flight schedule at the end of March, signalling the return of many seasonal holiday destinations. 

On March 29, flights will resume from Riga to Nice in the French Riviera, operating three times per week.

For those who wish to discover the wonders of Ancient Greece, flights to Athens will take place twice a week from the beginning of May. Later in June, we will operate two flights per week to Thessaloniki and one flight per week to Rhodes. 

Starting from the end of May, airBaltic will fly twice a week to Dubrovnik and Rijeka in Croatia, to Burgas in Bulgaria and Venice in Italy. For island holiday lovers, we will also operate weekly flights to Palma de Mallorca and Olbia (Sardinia).

Plan your summer holidays now at airbaltic.com, book early and benefit from low prices that start at EUR 79 for a one-way ticket.

Direct links between Tallinn and Vilnius

The Baltic States will soon be fully interconnected by air, as airBaltic is happy to announce a new direct flight between the Lithuanian and Estonian capitals. 

From April 18, flights between Tallinn and Vilnius will operate 10 times per week, or twice per working day, which is perfect for same-day business travellers or tourists who merely wish to see the beauty of another Baltic capital.

Book your ticket online at airbaltic.com. One-way ticket prices start at EUR 75.

New flights to Reykjavik

airBaltic will launch a new route between Riga and Reykjavik on May 28, with direct flights to the capital of Iceland operating twice a week.

Iceland is the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain and an absolute must for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers. Being one of Europe’s most exotic destinations, Iceland is famous for its dramatic landscapes with multi-coloured mountains, extensive lava flows, thermal springs, glaciers, waterfalls and clear blue lakes.

Take a swim in natural lagoons under the open skies, where the water temperature is 39o C. Explore the mindblowing natural scenery during a hiking or horsebackriding trip or go whale-watching.

One-way ticket prices from Riga to Reykjavik start at EUR 139.

 Fly to exotic Baku and see a Formula 1 race

Following a break for the winter, flights between the Latvian and Azerbaijani capitals will be back on the airBaltic schedule and will take place twice per week beginning May 29. 

Baku is an oil-rich city with a cosmopolitan character, featuring both historical and contemporary monuments. You might drink the best tea that you have ever tasted with a view of the beautiful Caspian Sea, because tea is even more popular in Azerbaijan than in England. 

Looking for adrenaline and speed? One of the greatest events for car race fans, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, will take place in Baku from June 17-19.

One-way ticket fares from Riga to Baku start at EUR 129.

airBaltic teams up with Iberia

airBaltic and the Spanish airline Iberia have implemented a cooperation agreement that is already providing convenient flights between Riga and Madrid via various major European airports such as Brussels, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. 

Thanks to this partnership, Baltic travellers can discover southern Europe with Iberia flights that connect through Madrid, while Spaniards will be able to fly with airBaltic to the Nordic region through Riga. 

Book your ticket to Madrid online at airBaltic.com.

airBaltic blog

Visit airbalticblog.com whenever you wish to find inspiration for your next trip. You can find information about our destinations as well as interesting facts related to shops, music, accommodation and food for all tastes.

Do you want to go to the place where your favourite Oscar-nominated movie was filmed? Or perhaps your favourite food is French or Italian, but you are not good at making it? Go to airbalticblog.com and you’ll not only be able to read about these subjects, but also feel other nations’ presence in your home. 

Save time and money with online check-in

Check in online at airbaltic.com up to one hour before your flight and save EUR 10 on the airport check-in fee.

If using a tablet or smartphone you don’t even need to print the boarding pass. Just save your boarding pass in the Passbook (Apple) or PasWallet (Android) and, if you have no checked baggage, head straight to security control. Otherwise leave your baggage at the drop-off counter first.

If you decide to check in some baggage shortly before your flight, then you can still do so while checking in online, up to one hour before your departure, and pay less than at the check-in counter at the airport.