Dear guests,

The Riga Airport welcomed its 60 millionth passenger last month. The probability that this passenger would be flying on an airBaltic flight was higher than 50%. And it happened!

We were truly happy to congratulate the lucky passenger from Sweden, who was flying from Stockholm to Riga on April 19th. Riga International Airport has served 60 million passengers since 1991, which shows the great impact that airBaltic as a carrier has made. The connectivity we provide for airBaltic passengers by offering more and more destinations each year has been the reason for such results.

The month of May will again bring new destinations: Aberdeen, Stavanger, Geneva, Catania, Madrid and our first domestic route to Liepāja.

This excellent connectivity not only brings people to and from the Baltics; it also enables businesses to efficiently connect with the world. By providing these services we play an important part in the development of the Baltic economy.

Enjoy your flight with us!

Martin Alexander Gauss