Dear Customer,

We are proud to make your travel more convenient this winter season by offering additional space in our aircraft cabins.

First, expect extra space to be available for your hand luggage. That’s because we recently changed the structure of our luggage fees, making it almost three times cheaper to check in your bag on short, regional flights. This should induce more passengers to check their heavier bags for storage in the belly of the aircraft, and free up additional space in the cabin. Lighter carry-on luggage translates to more convenient travel and more pleasant shopping before boarding. 

Second, a new and smarter approach to our seat reservation system is designed to optimise your personal space in the cabin. Choose your preferred seat either while booking your ticket, or while checking in, or while deciding your favourite pre-order meal for the flight. You can even secure additional personal space by booking the seat that is next to you (subject to availability). 

Third, we are gradually phasing in our brand new Bombardier CS300 jets this travel season. These state-of-theart aircraft will offer more cabin space than before, as the middle seats are wider. The five-abreast seat layout is more convenient and there is additional room for hand luggage. Furthermore, the ceiling is higher than in comparable aircraft for the benefit of taller passengers. These features, combined with more natural light from 30% larger windows, along with better and more quiet engines, will make your flight all the more pleasant. 

We hope that these enhancements will further improve our customer satisfaction, which was higher this summer than at any other time in the past three years. We always welcome your suggestions on how we can make your flying experience more enjoyable, be it through the smarter use of state-ofthe-art technology or even better service.

Did you know that the first of our all-new Bombardier CS300 has already been painted in our updated airBaltic livery, and will soon land at our home base in Riga?

Martin Alexander Gauss