Dear Customer,

As travellers start enjoying airBaltic’s autumn and winter destinations, we are already making plans for the next summer season.

We are frequently asked who selects the new destinations for airBaltic. The answer is: a competent group of extremely important people – our customers. We have teams of professionals who scrutinise traveller preferences and suggest new destinations across Europe, the Middle East and the CIS, but it is our passengers who determine whether we have made the right choices. We are delighted that next summer airBaltic will be flying to a diverse range of cities that are definitely worth a visit, including Geneva, Aberdeen, Tampere, Stavanger, Gothenburg and Catania.

In addition, we will further improve our service on existing routes by gradually phasing in our all-new Canadian-built Bombardier CS300 jets. These will become a distinguishing feature of our airline, which is set to become the world’s first operator of this state-of-the-art aircraft.

That is especially good news for airBaltic passengers, who will be treated to a truly enhanced travel experience. You will immediately notice more space in the cabin, more natural light coming in due to larger windows, larger overhead bins for storing your hand luggage, wider middle seats and additional ambient lighting to make your flight all the more pleasant. The Bombardier CS300 jets consume up to 20% less fuel than similar aircraft, which means that airBaltic will be able to lower its ticket prices on existing routes and introduce new destinations. We hope that the new aircraft’s unmatched fuel economy, small ecological footprint and added passenger comfort will attract additional fans of the CS300 jets as they enter into service later this year.

Did you know that 10% more travellers chose to fly airBaltic in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period last year? This is the fastest growth rate among the largest carriers operating in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Thank you for flying airBaltic and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss