Dear Customer,

We thank you for choosing to fly with airBaltic during the busiest travel season. As a result, we have achieved the fastest growth across all of the Baltic markets and now outpace the largest carriers operating in Latvia, Estonia and  Lithuania. 

We will amply reward your preference for airBaltic in the coming months. Firstly, we will continue to offer consistently lower average fares. You will notice these in our frequent sales campaigns, which feature a variety of travel opportunities for this and early next year.

Secondly, we will keep improving our excellent network of flights for both business and leisure travellers. With over 40,000 airBaltic flights every year into and out of the Baltic Sea region, our customers have by far the greatest choice compared to any other airline. This means convenient flights for business trips to such cities as London, Moscow and Stockholm, and for leisurely escapes to Milan, Munich, Paris and many other destinations – 60 in all.

Thirdly, we are taking a great leap in technological advancement. Our customers will be the first in the world to enjoy our stateof-the-art Bombardier CS300 jets. These brand-new aircraft will revolutionise the passenger experience with wider seats, larger windows, high-capacity overhead bins, better lavatories, ambient lighting and other enhancements that you can explore further in this magazine.

Did you know that the first Bombardier CS300 aircraft will touch down in Riga this month? Painted in Bombardier livery, it is arriving before the new airBaltic CS300 jets to test various aspects of operation and pave the way for the new fleet’s smooth entry into service.

Thank you for flying airBaltic and have a great trip!

Martin Alexander Gauss