Riga. 26.03.2015

For the summer season, starting on March 29, the Latvian national airline airBaltic has introduced nine new routes and improved its schedule of flights linking the Baltic region with Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS. 

Christophe Viatte, Chief Commercial Officer of airBaltic: “Due to turbulences in our Eastern markets, we have reduced our East-bound flying and therefore made aircraft capacity available for our new routes to popular and sunny cities in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea region.

Furthermore, we continue to strengthen our Scandinavian links to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Aalborg, while introducing additional routes from Tallinn to Berlin and Vienna, and moving our westbound morning departures to earlier morning hours so that you can spend more time in such cities as Hamburg, Munich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Berlin”

For the summer season airBaltic will launch several new direct routes from Riga, Tallinn, Dortmund and Frankfurt. airBaltic has added Aalborg (Denmark), Heringsdorf (Usedom Island, Germany), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Rhodes (Greece) and Pisa (Italy) to the network of cities served. A complete schedule of airBaltic flights can be found on the company's homepage at www.airbaltic.com 


Flight frequency Start date Price*, Basic Price*, Business
Riga – Aalborg (Denmark) 1 weekly Apr 18, 2015 69 EUR 350 EUR
Riga – Dubrovnik (Croatia) 1 weekly May 26, 2015 99 EUR 425 EUR
Riga – Thessaloniki (Greece) 2 weekly Jun 5, 2015 85 EUR 369 EUR
Riga – Rhodes (Greece) 1 weekly Jun 12, 2015 125 EUR 445 EUR
Riga – Pisa (Italy) 1 weekly Jun 13, 2015 79 EUR 531 EUR
Tallinn – Berlin (Germany) 4 weekly May 6, 2015 55 EUR 319 EUR
Tallinn – Vienna (Austria) 4 weekly May 7, 2015 69 EUR 359 EUR
Dortmund – Heringsdorf (Usedom Island, Germany) 1 weekly May 9, 2015 149 EUR  
Frankfurt – Heringsdorf (Usedom Island, Germany) 1 weekly May 9, 2015 149 EUR  

* Lowest fare (one way) in return, including taxes, fees and service charges, on www.airBaltic.com, subject to availability

airBaltic serves over 60 destinations from its home base in Riga, Latvia. From every one of these locations, airBaltic offers convenient connections via North Hub Riga to its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East. In addition, airBaltic also offers new direct flights from Tallinn, Vilnius, and soon also from the Baltic seaside resort of Heringsdorf.

More information about airBaltic summer destinations: https://www.airbaltic.com/en/summer-destinations