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Book an airBaltic flight to Brussels for:

  • business meetings in the European capital
  • fresh waffles at one of the city’s kiosks
  • the famous Christmas markets


cheap airbaltic flights to Brussels

Since 1957, Brussels has been cultivating a reputation as an international diplomatic centre, home to more than 100 organizations including NATO and most recently serving as the European Union’s unofficial first capital. In addition to these lofty merits, Brussels is actually quite unsung for the many attractions that make for an excellent city-break, from its exciting Art Nouveau architecture to the notoriously brash Mannekin Pis sculpture (depicting a boy urinating). Originally called Broekzele or City of the Marsh, Brussels is the largest city and the capital of Belgium. Lying in the Senne River valley toward the north centre of the country, the city is about 100 km from the North Sea and easily reached from Amsterdam, Paris and London by rail. The city is divided into two sections: the lower town, which encompasses the old town and the glass towers of the business district, and the upper town to the east of the valley, comprised of private residences and government buildings. Be prepared for a mix of weather, as the city’s location makes for a wet maritime climate. airBaltic flights to Brussels land at Zaventem airport, a short journey outside the city centre.


Though traditionally a Dutch speaking city, Brussels has since become heavily French influenced, making this the primary language, with Flemish or Dutch as a close second. Most signs bear both languages. With more than one-third of Brussel’s 1 million inhabitants being of foreign origin, perhaps it is no surprise that the city has a dynamic mix of other languages, from Italian to Arabic and Swedish to English.

See and Do

For many around the world (and rightly so!) Brussels means delicious chocolate, famously sugar dusted gauffre (waffles) and a staggering selection of beer with all the flavour and oomph you could wish for.  Find your way to Place du Grand Sablon-Grote Zavel to sample and shop at top chocolatiers Neuhaus and Wittamer, to name just two. Head to Grand Place for the best waffles sold hot on the street, or settle down in one of the many brasseries, bars and Salons de Thé (coffee bars) for a glass of lambic style beer, made from yeast grown strictly in the Senne Valley, or win friends with the barman by choosing the beloved Kriek cherry beer. As for cuisine, Brussels offers a rich variation of French cooking with a heavy Flemish influence. Choose from 1,800 restaurants and see why Brussels is adored by food critics worldwide.
Once your appetite is satisfied, see the many sights of the city, from the Grand Place with its 300 year old buildings and dazzlingly lit at night to the classic Atomium, the world’s most spectacular iron molecule, composed of nine steel spheres rising some 103 metres. Don’t miss the ever popular bronze Mannekin Pis, the famously and perhaps cheap depiction of a boy doing his business, and his lesser known "sister". Along the city centre, be sure to indulge in the Flemish architectural style, as well as the many Victor Horta Art Nouveau buildings. For Tintin lovers, of particular interest in the city is the colourful comics scene, which a traveller can enjoy in the many drawings around the city and at the Belgium Comic Museum, located in the Waucquez, a fine example of Horta’s Art Nouveau. In addition, there are many other museums to choose from and a delightful music and theatre scene sure to offer something for all. And if time allows, stop by the Cantillon Brewery for a sampling of excellent beers.

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