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Hop on a cheap flight to Helsinki and:

  • spend at the day at the world famous zoo
  • pick up a treasure at one of the local design shops
  • experience a true Finnish sauna


With its beautiful coastline and many islands reached by a crowd of ferries in the harbour, Helsinki is a waterborne city settled on a peninsula at the southern tip of Finland along the Gulf of Finland and so connected to the Baltic Sea. Founded in 1550 by King Gustav Vasa with the vision of making Finland a competitive port power in the Baltic, Helsinki later became the official capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland under the leadership of Imperial Russia. Thanks to the strong directing hand of Carl Ludvig Engel, the German architect, neoclassical architecture can be found throughout the city, adding to the very cosmopolitan charm of this Scandinavian capital. With a population of over half a million in the centre, the capital is by far the largest city in Finland. Your airBaltic flight arrives at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which has been awarded for its low delay time and is the central hub for Finland’s airline operators.


Hyvää huomenta! (Good morning!) The main language of Helsinki is of course Finnish, which most of the population in the city speaks. Most signs are written in Finnish, so tourists should become at least a little familiar with the basics of the language. Swedish is a small second language in the city, and the multi-national heritage of the city means you never know what you’ll hear in the street. Tourist areas and some restaurants will provide service in English as well, so a trip to Helsinki does not exactly require a course in Finnish.

See and Do

Leave your hotel behind and explore the city on foot with a self led walking tour of the city, seeing the mix of architectural styles, with plenty of Art Nouveau and Neoclassical structures to enjoy, especially in Senate Square, where you can find the work of Engel on display at the Government’s Palace and the grand Cathedral. For a look at the local (and somewhat controversial) work of Alvar Aalto, see Finlandia Hall, an example of the artist’s experiments in functionalism. At Market Square, travelers can join the bustle and fun, where nearly anything Finnish can be bought, with an emphasis on reindeer products such as jewelry made from antlers and hunting knives, as well as plenty of seafood. Enjoy a delicious (and cheap) fish stew  before  heading off to some of the city’s museums, most notably the National Museum of Finland, housed in its impressive castle and featuring a broad range of Finnish history.
For a taste of music, get tickets to a show at Finlandia Hall or enjoy an evening of theatre at the Finnish National Theatre. Your visit should definitely include a trip to one of the many islands via ferry. Head perhaps to Korkeasaari island and explore the city’s largest zoo. Once finished with a day of walking and soaking in the city, settle in at a terrassit (outside bar) during a summer city-break, or at one of the many hip and happening cafes.

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