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Get a cheap flight to Larnaca and:

  • dance the night away at one of many trendy beach bars
  • indulge in some water sports
  • treat yourself to some Mezedes or Cypriot tapas


LarnacaLarnaca beachLarnaca

Located on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus, Larnaca (also called Larnaka) combines fast access to some of the Mediterranean's best beaches with more than its fair share of nightlife and tourist sites.
Officially, the Republic of Cyprus includes the whole island but in fact accounts for just over half of its total area. Since 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus, the rest of the island has been ruled from Ankara. The dispute about the island's status is ongoing but peaceful. Cyprus is a European Union member and uses the euro as its currency.
Cyprus enjoys a subtropical climate with very mild winters and hot summers. Surprisingly though, there is one ski resort in the Troodos mountains in the centre of the island!


Cyprus' official language is Greek. English is widely understood, and the country's strong business links to Russia mean that Russian-speakers are on the increase, too.

See and Do

If classy bars are to your taste, try Ammos or the Times Music Bar. If you're in the mood for something a little wilder, DMC bar is the place to dance the night away. During the daytime, the main tourist attractions include Larnaca Fort, the ancient city of Kition and the impressive Grand Mosque while nature lovers or anyone in the mood for a romantic stroll can follow the award-winning Larnaca to Voroklini beach trail.
Windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed all the year round, thanks to steady winds and calm predictable seas, while coastal cruising and deep-water fishing are also popular.
Cypriot food is similar to that of Greece, with a added hint of the Middle East and Asia Minor. A tapas-style selection of snacks are known as Mezedes, and for sheer indulgence you can't beat deep-fried halloumi cheese!

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