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Get a cheap flight to Lisbon and:

  • take the historic yellow tram ride to Portas do Sol
  • feast your eyes on marvelous tile (azulejo) walls
  • get lost wandering around anciet Alfama district streets


Padrão dos DescobrimentosTramBelém Tower

Once home to the world`s greatest explorers like Magellan and Vasco da Gama, perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon can be proud to be one of the Europe`s most magnificent, soulful and picturesque captials. Lisbon is located close to a stunning beaches, which are easily reachable by short bus or train ride.  Lisbon is one of those cities that easily embraces modern culture, but in the mean time it still preserves it unique heritage and traditions.


Official language is Portuguese. English is widely understood by all those who work in tourism industry, and even if the only words you know in Portuguese are Obrigada(Thank you) or Bom dia(Good borning), you will not face too much of a language barrier during your holiday.

See and Do

The beauty of being built over seven hills is not only that places that look far away are in reality closer than you might think, but also that there is unlimited amount of scenic views all around the city.  Be prepared that getting around the narrow cobbled streets and numerous slopes might be a challenge therefore the best way to experience the city is by foot.

You can lose yourself for hours wandering through the Baixa district, then head towards  the Tagus river  to discover some of the city’s most recognizable landmarks - UNESCO World Heritage sites in Belém.

In the evening don`t forget to stroll around  historic quarters of Alfama to experience melodic, but deeply emotional sound of Fado.

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