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Cheap flights to Munich Germany


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Take a flight to Munich for:

  • the annual bonanza that is Oktoberfest
  • easy access to the mountainous Bavarian countryside
  • the museums – BMW Museum, Pinakothek and more


cheap airbaltic flights to Munich

Whether you pop by for the yearly beer festival of Oktoberfest or are dropping in for a weekend in town, fall in love with Munich’s folksy tradition, outstanding architecture and modern spirit, a city whose main ambition lies in surpassing the enthusiasm of even Berlin. Located on the River Isar in Upper Bavaria’s plain land and just north of the Alps, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. The capital of Bavaria in Germany, the city boasts a modest population of 1.3 million people. Spelled München in German, its name originally comes from the word meaning monks, as Munich was originally founded by Benedictine monks. Due to the influence of the Alps, the climate in Munich is rather continental with frequent changes with the coming of winds from the mountain slopes. airBaltic flights to Munich land at Franz Josef Strauss Airport some 28 Km to the north east of the city, providing regular services to European destinations and other continents.


Although Müncheners speak Hochdeutsch, or High German, most traditionally the population has spoken the local dialect of Münchener Bayrisch, which may still be heard regularly in the city. For travel purposes, most tourist areas will gladly and easily communicate with you in English. The young generation is generally very good at English, as they have a firmer interest in and grasp of the language. Remember to politely ask, however, Sprechen Sie Englisch? before asking for directions.

See and Do

Contrary to popular opinion, Munich is not just sausages and beer gardens! The most desired place to live for many Germans with its superb architecture, fairly conservative approach toward life and quick access to the Alps, Munich makes for a city-break that is both rewarding while not exactly cheap. Of course, there is the celebration of Oktoberfest, which Bavarians have been celebrating since October 1810, and the city’s hotels and bars are thronged with tourists and beautiful German barmaids with beer steins in hand. But that is not all that the city has to offer to a tourist – in addition to other yearly festivals, Munich has a good selection of museums, galleries and parks. Check out either the City Museum of Munich or the National Bavarian Museum for a sampling of local artifacts and history, the engineering prowess of Germany at the interactive Deutsches Museum, or get tickets to the Villa Stuck with its ever changing private collection featuring works by Franz von Stuck.
Spend an enchanting afternoon in the Englischer Garten and have a drink at its beer garden, or head to Reimer Park for a picnic lunch and a swim in the beautiful lake there. Munich has many impressive buildings and palaces, including the Bavarian summer palace of Schloss Nymphenburg and the Residenz, once a castle with a moat. For an afternoon of shopping, head to the pedestrian route of Kaufingerstrasse and enjoy a meal at one of its many restaurants afterwards.

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