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Fly to Olbia for:

  • freshly cooked seafood at a beachfront restaurant
  • island cruises and diving
  • the fascinating museum of Archeology


cheap airbaltic flights to Olbia

With a population of nearly 60,000, Olbia sits in the north-east of the island of Sardinia, in the Gallura region. It is the economic and cultural capital of this part of Sardinia, acting as a perfect base to explore the rest of the island and its amazing beaches but Olbia is much more than a mere transit point with its own great historical and cultural interest.

Olbia is the main connection point between Sardinia and the Italian mainland, with its airport, a passenger seaport, and a railway that connects to the island's own rail network. 
Sardinia itself is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily), covering nearly 24,000 square kilometres. The climate is Mediterranean too, with 135 days of sunshine on average per year.


Though Italian is universally spoken, the other official language of Sardinia is Sardinian or Sard, an ancient Romance language. In tourist areas English, French and German can also be encountered.

See and Do

Of all the Mediterranean islands, Sardinia remains one of the most fascinating and unspoiled. There are numerous fascinating sites of archaeological importance from the ancient and mysterious 'nuraghe' sites to Roman ruins and impressive churches such as the basilica of San Semplicio and San Paolo.
Italy's elite have long made nearby Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda their own. Their extravagant yachts and villas look along a coastline of breathtaking beaches and rock formations with secluded coves and deep blue, crystal-clear waters.
There's also Sardinia's highly distinctive and delicious cuisine to treat your tastebuds. Local specialities include an amazing variety of breads, which are made very dry to keep longer as they were originally made for the herders who disappeared into the mountains for days or weeks at a time.

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