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  • strut your stuff on the beachfront promenade
  • visit the unique Amber Museum
  • breathe in the fresh air at the Botanical Garden


cheap airbaltic flights to Palanga

Given a recent rebirth to its historical excellence as Lithuania’s busiest and best resort town, Palanga lies on the Baltic coast on the western edge of the country. For over 5,000 years the area has been inhabited by people who know a good place when they have found it. Beautifully wide beaches draw some 5 million a year come to enjoy the sun along 10 km of dunes. Historically situated on the Amber Road, Palanga was an important trade centre and once Lithuania’s main port city, until it was destroyed by the Swedish in 1710. Today, it is as alive and relaxing as ever, with many new hotels and restaurants catering to tourists. airBaltic flights to Palanga land at its International Airport, Lithuania’s third largest airport, and a destination for several airlines.


Ar pašoksi su manini? (Do you want to dance with me?) Lithuanian, whose only close relative is Latvian, is the official language of Palanga. Russian is widely spoken and understood, although younger generations will be up to speed with English. A city-break in Palanga does not require learning either Lithuanian or Russian, but a few phrases may come in handy, if only to express your belief that Kalbų niekad nemokėsi per daug (one language is never enough.)

See and Do

Immediately make way for the central pedestrian way of Basanavičiaus Gatvė. From amber stands to street performers, this is the place to spend a few hours getting charmed by the city and finding some entertainment before watching a beautiful sunset at the 19th century pier at its end. The Palanga Botanical Park, a masterpiece of the French architect E. Andre, the park is a peaceful retreat from the city, offering more than 300 plant species. Within the parks there are two worthwhile attractions. The first is the Amber House inside of the Tsikevicius Manor House, which houses some 20,000 pieces of Amber, otherwise known as Baltic Gold (some dated at 40 million years before the history of Lithuania began!). Then climb little Birutė Hill, where, according to legend, the body of a virgin forced into marriage by a Duke who was later murdered is buried. It’s a spooky hill with a chapel set atop it.
If the sun and the sand become overwhelming, or if you desire a quick contrast to the madness of the shore, Palanga has several cultural escapes for your convenience. Get tickets to the Savickas Paveikslų Galerija to see some of Lithuania’s contemporary artwork, Kretinga Museum for its 850 species of plants in a house originally built for Polish nobility or the Dr. Jono Šliūpas Memorial House for an interesting journey through time via photos of old Palanga.




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