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  • Check your limits on High Tatras skiing resorts
  • Relax in SPAs and water parks in the world's most ecological resort
  • International Festival of Mountain Films and the music festival Okey Leto

Flights to Poprad-Tatry

Direct flights between Riga and Poprad will be operated on Saturdays from December 13, 2016, to March 11, 2017.


cheap airbaltic flights to Poprad
Poprad in northern Slovakia stands nearly 700 metres above sea level but thanks to the proximity of the magnificent Tatra mountains it feels even higher. The city acts as the main gateway to the natural splendours of the High Tatras National Park and is geared up for tourism. 
Numerous companies offer tours of all durations and transport connections are good, meaning that within minutes of your cheap flight to Poprad touching down, you can be heading towards the trails or the pistes. 
Poprad's history begins in the 13th century when German settlers founded a town here but it wasn't until the coming of the railway and the advent of tourism that it became a well known destination within the Austro-Hungarian empire. 
Today it is a medium-sized city of around 55,000 people - plus a never ending stream of tourists passing through for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.
Poprad itself has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons, but obviously in the mountains things are much more changeable and unpredictable so go prepared!


Slovak is a Slavic language very closely related to Czech but any knowledge of Polish, Russian, Slovene and so on will allow you to understand a surprising amount. You may also encounter the minority language Rusyn, which is related to Ukrainian. In tourist areas, English is widely spoken, particularly among the young.

See and Do

The Tatra Mountains are the reason most visitors catch a cheap flight to Poprad. A sort of mini-Alps, they provide breathtaking scenery throughout the year plus a host of outdoor activites from skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking, mountain biking and rafting in the Dunajec Gorge in spring and summer.
Poprad itself is centred on St. Egidius square, which is surrounded by quaint houses an the main shops.

If the weather's bad or you just fancy a day in town, you might consider visiting the Tatra Gallery,  inside a former steam power station or the AquaCity water park. The Caffe Trieste, located inside a bell tower dating from 1658 provides the best Italian coffee in town, too. 
Smaller towns worth a visit include Kezmarok with its castle and the medieval centre of Spisska Bela.

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