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Cheap flights to Salzburg, Austria


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 Summer 2018 schedule (01.07.2018-27.10.2018)

 Winter 2018 schedule (28.10.2018-30.03.2019)

 Summer 2019 schedule (31.03.2019-26.10.2019)

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Board a plane to Salzburg and:

  • marvel at the Alpine scenery while skiing downhill
  • channel your inner Julia Andrews on a tour of The Sound of Music
  • dine like a royal at Europe’s oldest restaurant

Flights to Salzburg

Flights between Riga and Salzburg will be operated on Saturdays from December 22, 2018, to March 23, 2019.


cheap airbaltic flights to Salzburg

Salzburg, the name of which literally translates to Salt Fortress, comes fourth in the competition of becoming Austria’s largest city and is home to almost 150 000 inhabitants.

The river Salzach runs through the city that is located in the very heart of Austria, embraced by the Alps from one side and stretching smoothly to the other. This terrain makes Salzburg a desirable destination for winter sports enthusiasts, as the closest pistes are just mere 20 kilometres away from the city limits. The weather conditions are suitable for enjoying the snowy mountains from December through March.

But there's more to it than just rolling in the snow. The birthplace of the world-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart invites its visitors feast their eyes on the baroque architecture in its entire splendor, which is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

airBaltic will take you from Riga to Salzburg in just over two hours where the winter wonderland awaits you!


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? (Do you speak German?) Austrian German, a variety of the German language, is spoken in Salzburg while Austro-Bavarian can be heard in the rural areas. Although there are differences between Standard German and that the Salzburgians use, those who’ve had some practice with Wagner’s native language will find their skills sufficient to chat with the locals. Brush up your English before the trip, and you’ll be good to go, as the Lingua Franca works as a safety net in most parts of Western Europe, including Austria.

See and do

Austria is famous for its well-kept ski resorts, and there are hundreds of them within driving distance from Salzburg. Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, skating, or even sledge riding, you will find a place that matches your expectations. For breathtaking landscapes, head to Obertauern, while to get a classic resort experience opt for Kitzbühel. But if you’re also interested in soaking in thermal baths, Bad Gastein will be your best bet. After a long day of criss-crossing down the pistes, relax on a chaise lounge with a mug of rich and pungent Glühwein and nibble on some crunchy Lebkuchen.

For a big dose of culture, explore the city itself. Visiting the Old Town of Salzburg is an absolute must. Allow yourself to be bewitched by the grandeur of baroque architecture and travel back in time to the 17th century. Then, enter the Salzburger Dom, an awe-inspiring edifice that was the site of Mozart’s baptism, to catch a glimpse of the power once held by the clergy.

Moving to the outskirts of the city, the colossal 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Castle stands atop a cliff and can be accessed either on the funicular or on foot, but the climb is rather steep and challenging. The guests of the fortress may well spend half a day wandering around the territory and taking mental (and digital) pictures of the magnificent views over the city and the mountains. 

Another top attraction in Salzburg is a visit to Hangar-7 where historical aircraft, helicopters, and Formula One racing cars are lined up for everyone's enjoyment. Best of all – the entrance is free of charge! There's a Michelin-starred restaurant on the premises bearing the mythical name Ikarus, and every month a new chef takes over the kitchen, so it is most definitively worth the splurge. 

Those with a sweet tooth need to get their hands on a Mozartkugel – a decadent treat of pistachio marzipan, nougat and high-quality chocolate, invented by the Salzburg chocolatier Paul Furst at the end of the 19th century – and sample the bonbon (or several) with a cup of strong coffee. Salzburg is also referred to as Austria’s secret capital of beer, for the brewing traditions reach as far as the 15th century. Be sure to pop into one of the numerous beer gardens for a pint of freshly tapped beer that’s bursting with flavor. 

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