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 Summer 2018 schedule (01.07.2018-27.10.2018)

 Winter 2018 schedule (28.10.2018-30.03.2019)

 Summer 2019 schedule (31.03.2019-26.10.2019)

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Book a cheap flight to Tel Aviv and:

  • visit the Farmers’ Market in the trendy new port area
  • enjoy a romantic evening at the beachfront bars and restaurants
  • take a tour around Old Jaffa


cheap airbaltic flights to Tel Aviv

Founded in 1909 on the northern edge of the ancient port city of Jaffa on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is the clear cut party and commerce capital of Israel with a full force nightlife and sizzling beaches for soaking up the sun. Just 60 km northwest of Jerusalem, the city is situated on the Mediterranean coastal plain at a connecting point for Europe, Asia and Africa and boasts being Israel’s second largest city, with a population of 390,000. airBaltic is your airline for cheap flights to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, just outside the city centre.


Shalom! (Hello!) One of the official languages of Israel is Hebrew, while the other is Arabic. The second is found in Tel Aviv among the minority Arab population, while English is the most commonly used foreign language. A city-break in Tel Aviv should mean a general ease of communication from hotel to tourist areas, although learning a few phrases in Hebrew will lead to a more fulfilling experience of the city.

See and Do

Tel Aviv is definitely alive and ready to deliver, depending on what a traveller is looking for. Perhaps most noteworthy of its sights is the extensive Banhaus and art deco architecture that dominates the cityscape. You shouldn't miss visiting the ancient side of the city in Old Jaffa, where it is said Jonah took himself aboard a sailing vessel before his famous adventure with the whale. Then there is Rabin Square, the largest public square within Israel. From Azriely Lookout, glimpse the entire city spread out, from a slightly dizzying height of 200 metres.
Israel is known for its great attention to both museums and the performing arts, and many of these attractive venues are found in Tel Aviv. For those interested in art and history, explore the Eretc Israel Museum boasting a collection of archaeology and artefacts from across the history of Israel. Similarly, see the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for its own impressive collection. At Tel Aviv University, of interest is the Beth Hatefutsoth, which tells the sometimes bitter story of the Jewish diaspora, with both good and harsh times. As for theatre, the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre is the main stage for the Israeli Opera and includes the Cameri Theatre and the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv’s largest theatre. For classical music, spend a night with the Philharmonic Orchestra or enjoy the New Israel Opera. For those desiring dance, pay a visit to the Suzanna Dellal Center in Neve Tzedek.
Then of course, there is shopping. For a traditional mall setting choose either the Azriely center, Ramat Aviv or the Dizengoff Center, all of which offer plenty of variety in shops and pricing. For a little bit of the latest trends or to indulge in luxury shopping, settle into Sheinkin Street and Kikar Hamedina. Alternatively, for the not so expensive and sometimes cheap, head to the daily street market on Carmel St.
When its time to get your night started, good places to begin are either Allenby Street or Lilienblum Street or the Tel Aviv port area.

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