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Catch a flight to Verona to:

  • reenact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet
  • be awestruck by the heaps of snow while catching your breath on the ski lift
  • wine and dine in a cosy cafe tucked away in a narrow alley

Flights to Verona

Flights between Riga and Verona will be operated on Saturdays from December 24, 2016, to March 25, 2017.


Home to the tragic star-crossed lovers (and the setting of two other Shakespeare plays), in the northern part of Italy, lies the beautiful Verona, with the Adige river running through the city. Just as the etymology of its name is unknown, so is Verona’s early history wrapped in a fog of mystery. However, the city is now a World UNESCO Heritage Site because of the footprints left by the Roman and Medieval times. The location of Verona is enviable indeed – it is surrounded by vineyards that produce excellent wine, while the city also serves as a convenient point of departure for anyone keen on skiing.

The flight from Riga to Verona with airBaltic takes about two-and-a-half hours: just enough time for a delicious meal on board and a thorough read of the latest Baltic Outlook issue.


Even though Romeo and Juliet expressed their eternal love for each other in beautiful early Modern English, Italian is the language of Verona. It is one of the Romance languages that originated from Vulgar Latin and evolved into what we know today. Speakers of French, Spanish or Portuguese might have a basic understanding of Italian without ever having learned it, as all of these have the same proto-language. Although Verona is flooded with tourists, so English will be enough, learning a phrase or two in Italian, such as molte grazie (many thanks!) for a strong cup of espresso, will make the trip so much more Italian.

See and Do

Winter is a great time for a trip to Verona, as the skiing season is in full swing, and the region is packed with resorts that cater to a wide range of visitors – from first-time skiers to experienced snowboarders looking to take their game to the next level. Those who want to take it easy should consider Passo Tonale, which also offers excellent value for money. Travellers interested in feasting their eyes on some of the most stunning scenery out there need to head to the fashionable Cortina d’Ampezzo that once hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Guests who wish to challenge themselves and try out snowshoe walking for a change can do so at Madonna di Campiglio and then go skiing at night. 

If it’s Verona and only Verona that you’ve come to see, there’s a plethora of sights to enjoy. Drop by the Verona Arena: a colossal amphitheatre erected in the first century AD where gladiators used to fight deadly battles for 400 years. Nowadays, thousands of people rush to the same venue to hear astounding opera performances.

There’s no running away from Shakespeare in Verona – if you’re ready to embrace it, add Casa di Giulietta to the list of must-see spots. They say splurging on the entrance fee into the house is not really necessary, as seeing the balcony from the courtyard is enough.

Duomo di Verona or Verona Cathedral is a veritable feast to the eyes – the creamy façade hides rich colours, resplendent frescas and magnificent details on the inside that might as well lead to a religious epiphany. As a sequel, visit Basilica di San Zeno, another Romanesque jewel that has been beautifully preserved, allowing you a glimpse into the past.

To fill the memory bucket to the brim, spend an afternoon in Castelvecchio Museum, located in Castelvecchio Palace. It is an architectural masterpiece, bombed by the Germans at the end of the war and restored by Carlo Scarpa, where the old and the new are effortlessly fused to perfection, leaving the visitors speechless. Of course, it houses a magnificent art collection of the medieval times and the Renaissance.

Every gourmand will go to seventh heaven in Verona, as Italian cuisine is deemed one of the best in the world. Although pasta and pizza are the definitive staples of the Italian dinner table, Verona’s traditional dish is polenta – a creamy corn flour porridge, often served with mushrooms, cheese or tomato ragout. No trip to Italy will ever be complete without a big portion of gelato in the most decadent flavours at Gelateria Ponte Pietra. Finally, bite into Romeo’s Sighs and Juliet’s Kisses – chocolate and almond cookies with more chocolatey goodness as filling.

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