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Closure of airBaltic payment card program

Important information for airBaltic payment card holders!

It has been decided to cease the airBaltic payment card program as of the 28th February 2018.

The closure of the program follows a decision by the Board of airBaltic to not continue its involvement in card related, financial services, following a rationalisation of its business strategy and desire to focus energies on building its flight services and route development.

airBaltic and Contis Financial Services Ltd, the financial sponsor of the programme, wish to thank you for using the airBaltic card and for your support over the past years, plus trust you found the product a useful travel tool.

The closure of the programme, will be as stated, on 28th Feb 2018 and this will have the following effects:

  1. No new funds may be loaded on to the card accounts after the 21st Feb 2018. Funds received, for loading on to the your account, post this date will be returned to sender directly by Citadele Bank, acting on our behalf.
  2. All funds on the accounts should be spent or withdrawn by undertaking normal POS transactions or via using Visa accepting ATMs before the 31st March 2018. After this date all airBaltic cards cease working and will no longer be accepted anywhere in the world.
  3. All account holders that have negative balances are asked to rectify this by making the appropriate deposits into your account prior to 21st Feb 2018.
  4. PINS points gained through the use of the card will be allocated on transactions made up to the 28th Feb 2018. After this date there will be no PINS awarded on any transactions using the card. In the event of any missing points claims, these again must be made by the 28th February 2018. Post this date no PINS claims will be accepted. 
  5. As of the 31st March 2018 any funds remaining on the card accounts may only be returned to bank accounts in your name, but such funds transfers will be subject to an Administration fee of €14.00 as stated in Terms and Conditions of the card, such transfer will only be made if the account has more that €14.00 in it. Therefore if your account has a small positive balance, it is better to use the funds, via making a card transaction or via an ATM withdrawal. If you would like to withdraw any remaining funds please send you account details to

To confirm, your airBaltic card is fully active to 31st March 2018, so if you do have funds on the account please do use the card for purchases or taking out cash at a Visa ATM.

Once again, we would thank you for your support of the airBaltic and apologise, if our decision to close the programme causes you any inconvienience.

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