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Partner airlines


Codeshare partners

Codeshare is a commercial agreement between two airlines, where one airline operates the flight and other market this flight and issue tickets for it as if they were operating the flight themselves.

Through codeshare partnerships airBaltic is able to offer passengers a broader route network. Your ticket or booking confirmation will advise whether your flight is operated by a different airline. airBaltic has 22 codeshare agreements with foreign airlines and operates joint flights with its partners to more than 100 destinations. 




Riga (RIX) ⇄ Athens (ATH)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Larnaca (LCA)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Thessaloniki (SKG)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tallinn (TLL)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Kaunas (KUN)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Stockholm (ARN)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Copenhagen (CPH)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH)*
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*

*Connecting traffic only

Athens (ATH) ⇄ Tallinn (TLL)
Athens (ATH) ⇄  Thessaloniki (SKG)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Copenhagen (CPH)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Stockholm (ARN)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH)*
Athens (ATH) ⇄ Larnaca (LCA)*

*Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Moscow (SVO)

Moscow (SVO) ⇄ Riga (RIX)

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Hamburg (HAM)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Munich (MUC)
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)
Kaunas (KUN) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tallinn (TLL)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Kaunas (KUN)*
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Munich (MUC)
Kaunas (KUN) ⇄ Munich (MUC)

Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Stuttgart (STR)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Rome (FCO)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Cologne (CGN)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Milan (LIN)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Saarbrucken (SCN)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Karlsruhe (FKB)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Nuremburg (NUE)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Naples (NAP)*
Berlin (TXL) ⇄ Olbia (OLB)*
Munich (MUC) ⇄ Cologne (CGN)*
Munich (MUC) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)*
Munich (MUC) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Munich (MUC) ⇄ Hamburg (HAM)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Hamburg (HAM)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Dresden (DRS)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Nuremburg (NUE)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Milan (LIN)*
Dusseldorf (DUS) ⇄ Barcelona (BCN)*
Frankfurt (FRA) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Hamburg (HAM) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Hamburg (HAM) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)*
Hamburg (HAM) ⇄ Nurnberg (NUE)*
Hamburg (HAM) ⇄ Stuttgart (STR)*

*Connecting traffic only


Riga (RIX) ⇄ Paris (CDG)
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Paris (CDG)
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Paris (CDG)
Kaunas (KUN) ⇄ Paris (CDG)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Palanga (PLQ)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tallinn (TLL)*

* Connecting traffic only

Paris (CDG) ⇄ Nice (NCE)*


* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Stockholm (ARN)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Copenhagen (CPH)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Berlin (TXL)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vienna  (VIE)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Prague (PRG)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Hamburg (HAM)*
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*

* Connecting traffic only

Belgrade (BEG) ⇄ Hamburg (HAM)*
Belgrade (BEG) ⇄ Stockholm (ARN) *
Belgrade (BEG)⇄ Copenhagen (CPH)*
Belgrade (BEG)⇄ Berlin (TXL) *
Belgrade (BEG)⇄ Vienna (VIE)*
Belgrade (BEG)⇄ Prague (PRG) *

* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Rome (FCO)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Milan (MXP)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Venice (VCE)


Rome (FCO) ⇄ Bari (BRI)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Trieste (TRS)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Catania (CTA)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Lamezia Terme (SUF)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Reggio Di Calabria (REG)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Brindizi (BDS)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Cagliari (CAG)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Turin (TRN)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Palermo (PMO)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Genoa (GOA)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Naples (NAP)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Venice (VCE)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Pisa (PSA)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Alghero (AHO)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Bologna (BLQ)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Milan (LIN)*
Rome (FCO) ⇄ Florence (FLR)*

* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vienna (VIE) 
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Vienna (VIE) 

Vienna (VIE) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Minsk (MSQ)

Minsk (MSQ) ⇄ Riga (RIX)

Riga (RIX) ⇄ London (LGW)


Riga (RIX) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)

Brussels (BRU) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)

Riga  (RIX) ⇄ Prague (PRG)


Riga (RIX) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)*
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS) *
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)*
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Rome (FCO) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Helsinki (HEL) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Munich (MUC) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tbilisi (TBS) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA) *
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tallinn (TLL)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vilnius (VNO)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Milan (MXP)*

* Connecting traffic only

Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Muscat (MCT)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Rome (FCO)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Zurich (ZRH)*
Abu Dhabi (AUH) ⇄ Paris (CDG)*

* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Tbilisi (TBS)


Riga (RIX) ⇄ Madrid (MAD)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Barcelona (BCN)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA)*

* Connecting traffic only


Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Alicante (ALC)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)*
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Munich (MUC)*
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Dusseldorf (DUS)*
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Frankfurt (FRA)*
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Bilbao (BIO)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ San Sebastian (EAS)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Granada (GRX)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ A Coruna (LCG)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Almeria (LEI)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Oviedo (OVD)
Madrid (MAD) ⇄ Ibiza (IBZ)

* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)
Vilnius (VNO) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)
Tallinn (TLL) ⇄ Amsterdam (AMS)

Amsterdam (AMS) ⇄ Edinburg (EDI)
Amsterdam (AMS) ⇄ Manchester (MAN)
Amsterdam (AMS) ⇄ Birmingham (BHX)

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Warsaw (WAW)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Helsinki (HEL)*

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Warsaw (WAW)*
Warsaw (WAW) ⇄ Sofia (SOF)*
Warsaw (WAW) ⇄ Belgrade (BEG)*

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Stockholm (ARN)
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Gothenburg (GOT)

Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Jonkoping (JKG)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Karlstad (KSD)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Mariehamn (MHQ)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Poro (POR)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Kokkola (KOK)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Kramfors Solleftea (KRF)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Ornskoldsvik (OER)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Vilhelmina (VHM)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Lycksele (LYC)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Arvidsjaur (AJR)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Hemavan Temavan (HMV)*
Stockholm (ARN) ⇄ Gallivare  (GEV)* 

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Riga (RIX) ⇄ Prague (PRG)*

* Connecting traffic only

Bucharest (OTP) ⇄ Vienna (VIE)*
Bucharest (OTP) ⇄ Brussels (BRU)*
Bucharest (OTP) ⇄ Prague (PRG)*

* Connecting traffic only

Riga (RIX) ⇄ Kiev (KBP)

Kiev (KBP) ⇄ Riga (RIX)



Tashkent (TAS) ⇄ Riga (RIX)
New York (JFK) ⇄ Riga (RIX)

* Connecting traffic only


Interline partners

An interline agreement is a form of mutual acceptance of travel documentation and baggage for transportation. It gives the right to one carrier to issue tickets on the flights of another carrier.

Interline agreements make the journey easier for passengers who need to travel on more than one airline to reach their destination as airlines take the responsibility for delivering the passenger to their final destination. Boarding passes are issued at the place of origin, and baggage is checked through for the whole journey.

When booking connecting flights with airBaltic partner airlines you can choose between two ticket types: Premium, with one piece of checked luggage, airport check-in and fast track security control at Riga airport included, or Business, with a full range of services and flexibility.



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