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Delayed, lost or damaged baggage

In case your baggage has been mishandled, please follow the guidelines below to help us trace your baggage and reimburse your expenses for the damages caused.



Delayed baggage should be reported immediately after the flight to the Lost & Found office at the airport of arrival. In order to ensure the soonest tracing possible and the delivery of your luggage, please inform us about the delay as soon as possible, but no later than 21 days after your arrival. Once your baggage has been located, we will contact you to agree on delivery.

While we are searching for your baggage, we offer you the possibility to purchase the essentials (e.g. toothpaste, shampoo etc.). Please keep all your receipts and submit them to the airBaltic Customer Relations department via the online form to be reimbursed for these expenses.

The majority of delayed bags are returned safely within a short period of time. If your luggage has been delayed for more than five days, we urge you to fill out this form  and send it to Lost and Found at Riga airport as well as airBaltic’s Customer Care department. The contact details are provided in the aforementioned form.

Please note that the delayed baggage should be reported by the passenger in whose name the baggage has been registered.

Online baggage tracing: find out the current status of your lost baggage.



If your baggage is not located within 21 days of arrival, you are entitled to file a claim for compensation. We recommend submitting a claim to your insurance company as the  liability of the carrier in case of total loss of checked luggage  is limited according to Article 22 of the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by air (Montreal, 28 May 1999). Please do not hesitate to contact the airBaltic Customer Relations department if you need a confirmation letter for your insurance company.

However, if you wish to claim your expenses directly from the airline, please submit your application along with a list of the lost items and their value, as well as any purchase receipts (if applicable) to the airBaltic Customer Relations department via the online form.



Damaged baggage should be reported immediately after the flight to the Lost & Found office at the airport of arrival or directly to the airBaltic Customer Relations department, but no later than seven days after the bag has been received. If your baggage is damaged, you are entitled to choose one of the following types of compensation:

  • get the bag repaired at a repair shop and provide the receipt for the repairs to airBaltic to receive a compensation in the amount of the respective receipt;
  • contact our partners’ repair services, and your baggage will be repaired free of charge (the expenses for repair will be covered by airBaltic).

In case your baggage is damaged irreparably, we will either provide a replacement bag of the same value (applying depreciation) or process your claim according to the applicable liability limitations. Please note that the depreciation rate for calculating the compensation is 15% per year (not more than 50% of the baggage value). If it is not possible to determine the price of the damaged suitcase and no evidence of payment is provided, our authorised representatives can set the value of the suitcase based on the standardised prices.


Please note that airBaltic shall not be liable for any damage caused by the manufacturer's defects, improper packaging or by normal wear and tear.

Got any questions about the reimbursement procedure or wish to submit a claim? Fill out the online form.

Our partners’ locations:



Dolfi1920 GmbH

Phone: +43 072 0116999              





Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +32 78 150 251  



Czech Republic


Dolfi1920 GmbH              

Phone: +420 775071075                


Jankovcova 53, Praha 7, PSČ 170 00, Czech Republic




Dolfi1920 GmbH                              





JM Group LLC

Phone: +372 5332 6589

Lennujaama tee 2, Tallinn


Dolfi1920 GmbH              

Phone: +372 880 40 75  





Asoma Oy           

Phone: +358 46 878 2511             


Itälahdenkatu 23A, 3rd floor, 00210 Helsinki, Finland



Dolfi1920 GmbH





Dolfi1920 GmbH

Phone: +33 01 84 88 78 88          





Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +49 069 26486440            


Langer Kornweg 34C, 65451 Kelsterbach, Germany




Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +36 0680 016239              





  • Ra'anana, Israel, “Shay Lehavim” LTD”, 4 Hamasger St., Telefon: +972 9 7406724.
  • Petah Tikva, Israel, “A.R.T.I. Rimon”, 6 Hameretz St., Petah Tikva, Telefon: +972 03-9229049, +972 1-700-504-544.
  • Jerusalem, Israel, “A.R.T.I. Rimon”, 24 Kanfai St., Nes Harim, St. Givat Shaul, Telefon: +972 02-6521498.
  • Herzliya, Israel, “A.R.T.I. Rimon”, 54 Sokolov St., Telefon: +972 09-9577803.
  • Rishon LeZion, Israel, “Rimon Bags & Lugagge”, 24 Sachrov St., Telefon: +972 03-5230775.
  • Netanya, Israel, “Alfa”, 4 Kikar Hatzmaut St., Telefon: +972 09-8330569.
  • Kfar Saba, Israel, “Mini”, 104 Vaitzman St., Telefon: +972 054-4331509.
  • Tel Aviv, Israel, “Cohentik”, 16 Tsharnichovski St., Telefon: 03-6290850.
  • Tel Aviv, Israel, “Danlar”, 16 Shlavim St., Telefon: +972 03-6811741.
  • Ramat Gan, Israel, “Tik Hatikim”, Ayalon Mall, Telefon: +972 1-700-504-544.
  • Haifa, Israel, “Nandy”, Grand Keniyon Mall, Telefon: +972 1-700-505-770, +972 04-8123444.
  • Kiryat Bialik, Israel, “Nandy”, Israel, 23 Yosef Levi St. (Zur Shalom), Telefon: +972 04-8740133




Dolfi1920 GmbH              

Phone: +39 06 94804974               





SIA L.O.Serviss

Phone: +371 2695 0146

A. Caka 33, Riga




UAB Sauliaus ir Vido atelje

Konstitucijos pr. 7A

Vilnius 04321

Dolfi1920 GmbH              

Tel.+370 521 43 199               





Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +31 020 2414100              





Dolfi1920 GmbH              

Phone: +48 22 8681608 


Ul. Dzialkowa 33, 02-234 Warszawa, Poland




Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +421 0800 042201            





Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +34 91 1981800 






NK Department Store

Hamngatan 18-20 111 47 Stockholm   

Östra Hamngatan 42 411 09 Göteborg






Täby Centrum

Large Marknadsvägen

183 70 Täby




Dolfi1920 GmbH                              

Phone: +41 43 5086647 



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