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  Boeing 737 - 500 Boeing 737–300 Q400 NextGen
Number of aircraft 5 7 12
Number of seats 120 142/144/146 76
Max take-off weight 57 metric tons 62.8 metric tons 29.6 metric tons
Max payload 13.5 metric tons 14.2 metric tons 8.6 metric tons
Lengths 31 m 32.18 m 32.83 m
Wing span 28.9 m 31.22 m 28.42 m
Cruising speed 800 km/h 900 km/h 667 km/h
Commercial range 3500 km 3500 km 2084 km
Fuel consumption 3000 l/h 3000 l/h 1074 l/h
Engine CFM56-3 CFM56-3C-1  P&W 150A
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Boeing 737–500 Boeing 737–300 Q400 NextGen




Coming soon! Bombardier CS300

This autumn, the first Bombardier CS300 planes will be joining the airBaltic fleet. Outstanding performance, admirable efficiency and maximum comfort — these are just some of the characteristics that speak for the capabilities of the CS300.

Let's welcome the new aircraft together: find out more about Bombardier CS300 and take the virtual tour now!


Q400 NextGen

Dash 8 Q400 NextGen is a two turboprop driven engine aircraft manufactured by the Canadian firm Bombardier.

The 76-seat aircraft can fly up to 2 000 kilometers with a single tank of fuel. It is used not only on shorter regional routes, such as flights to Scandinavia, but on longer flights to major European destinations as well.

The aircraft is very quiet - the "Q" in the plane's name stands for Quiet, and very comfortable for passengers. One of the greatest benefits of the aircraft is its contribution to helping preserve the environment - the Q400 uses less fuel (approximately 30% less than older, inefficient jets of the same size) and produces less emissions than similar aircraft.

Take a look at it yourself: go on a virtual tour of the Dash Q400 NextGen aircraft!


Boeing 737–500

The 737 family is the best-selling jetliner family in aviation history, with more than 5,200 737s sold. The first 737-500 rolled out of the Renton plant June 3, 1989.

The engines are produced by CFM International, jointly owned by General Electric of the U.S. and SNECMA of France. They assure that the 737-500 is a good community neighbour with takeoff, sideline and approach noise levels below the Stage 3 limits set by the U.S. government and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Would you like to explore some more? Check out the virtual tour of the Boeing 737 aircraft!


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