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Fly to Gdansk and:

  • experience the magic of the Gdansk old town
  • take a stroll along the Motlawa riverfront
  • search for a Baltic gold - amber in one of the beaches


Even though largely destroyed by II World War this gem was spendibly rebuilt and now is one of Europe's most beautiful port cities. No wonder the city was named as one of the European Best Destinations 2017. Today with a population of 460 000 Gdansk is the largest northern city of Poland. Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea with its expansive beaches spread along the coast of the Gulf of Gdansk it proves to be a perfect summer destination for many Poles and foreign visitors.


Czesc! (Hello!) While the official language of Gdansk is Polish, a West Slavic language, many of the city’s inhabitants speak some level of English. In addition, travellers are likely to encounter Russian, German and French. Therefore, any city-break in Warsaw is an opportunity to explore the Polish language while still getting along quite well both in the hotels and tourist areas, and beyond. Powodzeni! (Good luck!)

See and Do

Airbaltic takes you to the Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport which is located only 12km away from Gdansk, or only 10 km away from seaside resort town Sopot.

If for your main destiantion you have chosen Gdansk, you should spare some good time exploring magical Old town. Its tumultuous history has given her its beautiful architecture and added a special character.The best to explore this vibrant city is by walking. In your walk you should include such city trademarks as Old Town City Hall, which  is  one of the finest Gothic-Renaissance historic buildings, Museum of the History of the city is also located there.

One of the other attractions for history enthuisasts woulde be the Museum of the Second World War  that he despite a lot of controversy has been drawing the crowds since its opening earlier this year therefore we suggest you visit the museum's website and reserve tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. As it's advisable to book ahead.

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