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Passenger name change

Name change is allowed as follows:

  • Basic  – not allowed.
  • Premium – for a fee of EUR 50 per ticket if the original booking fare is available at the time of change. The difference in price between the original fare and fuel surcharge tax and the potentially higher fare and fuel surcharge tax if the original booking fare is not available at the time of the name change must be paid by the passenger. The fare difference is calculated taking into account the prices available through our global reservation system, not the airBaltic website.
  • Business – free of charge at any time with no additional charges.
  • Group bookings – 50 EUR fee.

In case your name has been misspelt, please contact us for corrections (the service is available for all ticket types). A name correction fee in the amount of 50 EUR may apply.

Please note that name change or correction is allowed on completely unused tickets and the passenger’s type (adult, child, senior etc.) is not changeable (e.g. it’s not possible to change a children’s ticket to an adult’s ticket). Name and/or surname change or correction is only possible if the ticket issued is an airBaltic document and the booking consists of flights operated by airBaltic.

If the name which needs to be changed applies to an adult travelling with an infant, the infant is exempt from the name change fee.

If the name and/or surname change is performed at a ticket office, a written statement confirming the changes and the new passenger's passport copy have to be presented. Special rules may apply to corporate fares. Additional charges may apply if paying for the service in travel agencies and via airBaltic representatives.

Name and/or surname change requests may also be submitted through the online payment form. Online, name change or correction requests can be submitted no later than 24h before the desirable or planned flight.

Name change due to marriage or divorce is permitted free of charge if the passenger can present official documents confirming the change of name has taken place after the ticket was purchased.


Please note! The given prices and information replace any information published previously and are subject to amendments or cancellation taken unilaterally by airBaltic at any time. The equivalent of the given prices in a different currency may vary depending on the currency fluctuation and applied rate. A bank applies its own exchange rates and commissions, thus the total amount may differ from that on the website.
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