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Visitors should make sure that they are well-rested before they come to the Saalbach-Hinterglemm region of Austria. Colourfully named the Ski Circus, the region combines the slopes of one of the largest linked ski areas in Austria with the liveliest of après-ski activities. Saalbach is big and full of life, while Hinterglemm is more old- fashioned and down to earth. Both have great charm, a safe, car-free centre, plenty of après-ski events and all the traditional Austrian attractions.

Season: November 28 - April 10
Resort altitude: 1 000 m
Total piste length: 270 km
Ski lifts: 70
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 51.00€/day or 145.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 25.50€/day or 122.50€/week (6 days)

Kitzbühel is where it all began in Austria, and is a dream destination for skiers. The small town in the Tyrolean Alps is home to the Streif Piste: surely the most iconic 2.6 km of snow on the planet. 

Resort altitude: 800 m
Total piste length: 170 km
Snow parks: 2
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 51.00€/day or 248.00€/week (6 days)

  • kids – 25.00€/day or 124.00€/week (6 days)

Nestling between the Kitzbüheler Alps and the majestic Wilder Kaiser mountains, Ellmau has one of the prettiest settings on our list. It is also part of SkiWelt, the largest linked ski area in Austria, featuring seven resorts and covering almost 280 km of pistes. Each resort has runs worth exploring, most of which are suited to beginners and intermediates, but there are also off-piste opportunities as well. 

Season: December 5 - April 3
Resort altitude: 820 m
Total piste length: 280 km
Run: 7,5 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 46.00€/day or 230.50€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 23.00€/day or 115.50€/week (6 days)


Gudauri is a growing ski resort, enchanting visitors with a wealth of opportunities for an active holiday in the mountains, unparalleled views, amazing colours, a festive atmosphere and a warm welcome for its guests. Situated on a south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, its skiable area enjoys maximum exposure to the sun, which makes Gudauri a magnificent year-round tourist destination. Georgian hospitality is another reason why you should consider Gaudari for your next ski trip.

Season: November 28 - April 17
Resort altitude: 2 196 m
Total piste length: 57 km
Ski lifts: 9
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 13.00€/day or 70.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 9.00€/day or 47.00€/week (6 days)


The two villages of Garmisch and Partenkirchen were merged into one when Germany hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1936. However, even though they have been officially unified for nearly 80 years, unofficially they still compete with each other, sporting two of practically everything: two fire stations, two schools and so on. Partenkirchen is cute and cosy, with narrow streets and a centre filled with painted houses, while Garmisch’s more organised grid of streets is lined with new concrete buildings and upscale shopping stores. 

Season: December 12 - April 3
Resort altitude: 720 m
Total piste length: 62 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 39.50€/day
  • kids – 23.00€/day


In Tignes, compared to its neighbouring resorts, sport comes first and you’re more likely to find visitors staying on the slopes as long as possible, rather than partying the night away. As for accommodation, Val Claret is the highest village at 2100 metres and has easy access to the glacier. 

Season: November 28 - May 8
Resort altitude: 2 100 m
Total piste length: 300 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 52.00€/day or 260.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 41.50€/day or 208.00€/week (6 days)

There are plenty of reasons to love Méribel aside from its chalet-style architecture, wooded surroundings and friendly, village atmosphere. The prime reason is its central position within France’s huge Trois Vallées ski area. The Olympic Centre built for the 1992 Winter Olympics is also open daily, offering a variety of non-ski activities for the whole family. 

Season: December 5 - April 17
Resort altitude: 1 450 m
Total piste length: 600 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 46.40€/day or 226.40€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 37.30€/day or 182.40€/week (6 days)

Considered the most glamorous and celebrity-filled ski resort in the world, Courchevel offers breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. If the first thing that you think about when you hear ‘Courchevel’ is skiing, then the second thing should be gastronomy, as Courchevel boasts many Michelin-starred restaurants and is a gourmet ski destination.

Season: December 19 - April 15
Resort altitude: 1 850 m
Total piste length: 600 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 50.00€/day or 245.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 40.00€/day or 196.00€/week (6 days)


Founded in the 17th century as a spa town located at the very top of the Aosta Valley, Courmayeur is a charming place. Pretty buildings with slate roofs line the traffic-free cobbled streets of the old town. The little resort at the foot of the Mont Blanc chain offers outdoor activities, cultural and entertainment events as well as shopping, relaxation, gastronomy and the opportunity to practice a number of sports all year long.

Resort altitude: 1 224 m
Total piste length: 36 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 45.00€/day or 227.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 22.50€/day or 113.50€/week (6 days)

Sestriere is the highest ski resort in the extensive Via Lattea (Milky Way) linked ski area, boasting an impressive Alpine winter sports history as one of the world’s first purpose-built ski resorts. A good choice for beginners and intermediates. Sestriere is also one of the few resorts where it is possible to ski at night on a floodlit run. 

Resort altitude: 2 035 m
Total piste length: 200 km
Kufts: 89
Lift pass prices:

  • adults –  215.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 35.00€/week (6 days)

Livigno is the perfect place for families and beginners to enjoy gentle slopes and fun areas suited for acquiring basic techniques and for learning by playing. Furthermore, Livigno has a special tax status that dates back to Napoleonic times. There’s no VAT, which means that drinks, fuel and consumer goods are among the cheapest in Europe.

Season: December 18 - April 9
Resort altitude: 1 816 m
Total piste length: 110 km
Tracks: Black 13, Red 37
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 40.00€/day or 190.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 34.00€/day or 133.50€/week (6 days)


The High Tatras is the oldest holiday region in Slovakia. Not far from Poprad is Tatranská Lomnica, one of the largest and most beautiful villages in the High Tatras. The expert “French mulda” ski run is one of the steepest in Slovakia, sloping from 2196 meters above sea level to Tatranská? Lomnica through Lomnické sedlo. Apart from ski activities, the resort also hosts plenty of spa resorts and water parks. 

Resort altitude: 785 m
Total piste length: 24 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 38.00€/day or 199.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 27.00€/day or 139.00€/week (6 days)

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At Flims Laax Falera there’s something to satisfy just about everyone’s wishes, with a wide selection of services to choose from, including mountainside restaurants, places for renting the latest ski gear and accommodation.

Season: December 19 - April 10
Resort altitude: 1 100 m
Total piste length: 220 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 76.00€/day or 427.00€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 25.30€/day or 142.30€/week (6 days)

St. Moritz is Switzerland’s most famous exclusive winter resort. There are plenty of designer stores to keep posh ladies busy after lunch, while other visitors come to watch the annual polo, horse racing and cricket competitions on the town’s frozen lake. 

Season: October 17 - May 22
Resort altitude: 1 850 m
Total piste length: 350 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 64.11€/day or 294.27€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 19.73€/day or 100.28€/week (6 days)

Davos prides itself on keeping good company. Alongside resorts such as Zermatt, St. Moritz, St. Anton and Kitzbühel, Davos is a member of The Best of the Alps association of 12 classic Alpine resorts. 

Resort altitude: 1 560 m
Total piste length: 320 km
Lift pass prices:

  • adults – 55.90€/day or 272.93€/week (6 days)
  • kids – 22.20€/day or 109.34€/week (6 days)

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