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Sports equipment

Business ticket holders can transport one set of sports equipment free of charge.

PINS VIP members are also permitted to check in one set of sports equipment for free, however, this does not apply to those passengers travelling on Basic tickets.

Sports equipment fees per set per one way journey for Basic and Premium ticket holders:

  • 34.99 EUR during the flight booking process on;
  • 40 EUR via other sales channels (e.g. agencies or ticket offices);
  • 39.99 EUR via the online payment form;
  • 60 EUR at the airport.

The sports equipment transportation fees are non-refundable.

Sports equipment allowance can be booked online if all flights in the itinerary are operated by airBaltic.

The maximum weight allowance for each set of sports equipment is 20 kg. Each set of equipment must be packed in one baggage unit (if not stated differently) otherwise the sports equipment fee will be charged per piece of equipment. If the weight of the sports equipment set exceeds 20 kg, passengers will be charged a 50 EUR heavy baggage fee. This charge is applied per set, not per kg. The charge is collected only at airports. The maximum weight of one set of sports equipment is 32 kg.

Please note: the given fees and norms are applicable if all flights in your itinerary are operated by airBaltic.

Only a limited number of sets of sports equipment can be accepted on each flight therefore anyone wishing to transport sports equipment should declare it in advance.


We accept the following sports equipment:


Bicycles are accepted for transportation with the pedals removed, handle-bar turned and tires deflated.

Diving equipment

One set of diving equipment comprises one empty scuba tank, one scuba regulator, one tank harness, one tank pressure gauge, one mask, two fins, one snorkel, one knife, one spear gun and one safety vest.

Golf equipment

A golf set consists of one golf bag containing one set of up to 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes.

Skiing equipment

A set of skiing equipment consists of one pair of skis, one pair of ski boots, helmet and one pair of ski poles. Skiing equipment may be packed in 2 bags.

Snowboarding equipment

A set of snowboard equipment consists of one pair of snowboard boots, helmet and one snowboard. Snowboard equipment may be packed in 2 bags.

Ice hockey equipment

A set of ice hockey equipment consists of an ice hockey helmet, sticks, skates and one set of ice hockey wear including protectors and pads. Hockey equipment may be packed in 2 bags.

Fishing equipment

A set of fishing equipment consists of one rod, one angler bag and one bait box. Suitable packaging is required.

Surf/kite board and windsurfing equipment

One set of such equipment includes either:

  1. one kite board and one kite, or
  2. one surfboard, or
  3. one set of windsurfing equipment.

The items must be packed in one bag.

This type of equipment is not accepted on Bombardier Q400 flights.


Please note! The given prices and information replace any information published previously and are subject to amendments or cancellation taken unilaterally by airBaltic at any time. The equivalent of the given prices in a different currency may vary depending on the currency fluctuation and applied rate. A bank applies its own exchange rates and commissions, thus the total amount may differ from that on the website.
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