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Travelling with pets

Transporting animals in the aircraft

Travelling with animalsairBaltic will transport pets (dogs, cats, pet birds and rabbits) either in the passenger cabin (as hand luggage) or in the aircraft’s cargo hold (as checked baggage), depending on the animal’s weight and size. airBaltic doesn’t accept reptiles and rodents for transportation in the passenger cabin.

Passengers travelling with an animal must read the import and export regulations for animal transportation to their desired destination, and must comply with all animal welfare provisions before booking their flight. This information may be obtained from the relevant country’s consulate. The passenger must obtain all documents, including import, export, transit documents and health and vaccination certificates required for the pet’s transportation.

If a pet is to be transported in the cargo compartment, the pet must be checked-in at least 1 hour before the scheduled flight.


Informing the airline

Information about the pet must be provided when booking the ticket. This information is important to the airline as there are strict regulations to be followed. Please contact us if booking tickets online, or inform your travel agent if booking your ticket at a travel agency.

Only a certain number of pets are allowed on each flight. If the number of pets exceeds the quota on a particular flight, or if the aircraft configuration does not allow for animal transportation, the airline can refuse transportation. 

Please note that the service must be requested in advance as prior confirmation is required. Upon receiving the confirmation, payment must be arranged via our online payment service in a timely manner.


Small dogs, cats, pet birds and rabbits in the cabin

A dog or cat (or household birds and rabbits) may be transported in the cabin (as hand luggage) in the passenger’s own carrier box.

  • Maximum dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm, watertight, bite-proof; 
  • Maximum weight of animal + box: 8 kg.

Pet transportation in the cabin costs a non-refundable fee of 60 EUR per direction.

Further information on transporting animals in the cabin


Larger animals in the cargo hold

Animals that cannot be transported inside the cabin (as hand luggage) shall be transported in appropriate, animal-friendly containers in the cargo hold area (as checked baggage).  Passengers must provide their own container* for animal transportation.

Maximum weight of the animal + container may not exceed 75 kg.

Animal transportation in the cargo hold costs a non-refundable fee of: 

 100 EUR per direction if the weight of the animal + container is 1-32 kg;
 200 EUR per direction if the weight of the animal + container exceeds 32 kg (up to 75 kg).


Further information on transporting animals in the cargo hold

Please note: all animals that exceed the weight of 75 kg (animal + container) shall be transported as manifested cargo only. Information about transporting an animal with airBaltic Cargo.



An animal container can include a maximum of 2 pets as long as they are of the same kind, e.g. two birds.

The animal must fit comfortably in the box or container. If the pet does not fit comfortably, check-in may be denied.

Further information on animal containers



It is not allowed to transport pets on airBaltic flights to/from Dusseldorf (Germany).

Special airBaltic rules apply to flights to/from the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

On airBaltic flights TO the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates

  • Animals allowed as manifested cargo only.
  • It is not allowed to bring pets into the cabin of the aircraft (as hand luggage), nor to transport them in the cargo hold (as checked baggage).

On airBaltic flights FROM the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates:

  • Animals allowed in Cargo hold only (as checked baggage) or manifested cargo.
  • It is not allowed to bring pets into the cabin (as hand luggage), except for service dogs.

Special airBaltic rules apply to flights to Iceland. 

On airBaltic flights TO Iceland

  • Animals allowed as manifested cargo only.

There are no pet transportation restrictions on airBaltic flights from Iceland. 


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