Join our fast growing airline as a direct entry First Officer Bombardier CS 300, one of the biggest, fastest and most modern commercial aircraft in the world! Direct Entry First Officer Bombardier CS300 A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

To fly the most modern single-aisle jet-aircraft on the market. Leading-edge technology and systems integration, advanced materials and latest-generation aerodynamics which supported the demonstration of unmatched dispatch reliability and economy results during the test and route-proving flights. State of the art Flight Deck design normally only found on business jets, the Cockpit Suite has been designed by pilots with many decades of experience on all major aircraft. Complying with the latest in human factors and modern ergonomics, highest level of automation on non-essentials and so much more created for pilots who enjoy flying.

Requirments: We offer


We look forward to your CV till 31.08.2017.

Please be advised that we will contact only selected candidates.

! Please note that background check will be conducted on all applicants, as well as restrictions that prohibit the hire in accordance with the law “On Aviation” Article 57.1. paragraph 4 will be evaluated!