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Our top picks in Tallinn

1. Kumu Art Museum

Kumu, or the Estonian Culture Museum, is a prime destination for anyone interested in contemporary arts and thematic events. Housed in a notably modern and atmospheric setting, the facility boasts several permanent exhibitions, as well as numerous expositions by both local and internationally renowned artists. In addition to fine arts, the venue frequently showcases performances by a variety of musicians ranging from jazz to electronic music. Kumu is definitely one of the top spots to consider when visiting Tallinn and will take a few hours to explore fully. When in the region, be sure to also check out Kadrioru Park and the Presidential Palace just a minute or two’s walk from the entrance. Read more


 2. Energy Discovery Center

Is science you thing? Do you get all giddy when you see something new and exciting? Have you ever wondered how lightning works or what electricity looks like up close? If so, then the Energy Discovery Center (EDC) just outside the Tallinn Old Town is the place for you! Situated in a massive historical building, the EDC boasts fascinating contraptions based on good old high school curriculum. This includes the seasonal exhibition “Sounds of Space” and a virtual planetarium that aim to highlight various scientific phenomena. More importantly, you’ll be able to get a hands-on experience with several of the exhibits there, which makes this a particularly fitting place to bring children for a couple of hours of quality family time. Read more


3. Telliskivi Loomelinnak

If you’re planning to spend a night out, look no further! Telliskivi Loomelinnak, an ever-growing hub of all kinds of locales from the crowd favorite F-Hoone to pricier establishments, is just a rock’s throw from the Old Town. In fact, getting there on foot is highly recommended as it will take you past Schnelli Park and the train station, and will amount to no more than a 10-15 minute walk. Situated on the edge of Kalamaja, one of Tallinn’s more progressive neighborhoods (also known as the prime habitat for hipsters), the complex is always alive and full of fervor. Whether you’re looking for a good meal, a place to spend some downtime or want to sample a large selection of beers with your buddies, Telliskivi Loomelinnak probably has something for you. Read more


4. The Tallinn TV Tower

The Tallinn TV Tower (Tallinna Teletorn) is the highest vantage point in Northern Estonia, overlooking the dynamic vista of the capital, which lies a short distance off. Pick a fine evening for your visit and you might even catch a glimpse of lights from Helsinki some 80 km further north! The tower is a notable historical landmark and played an important role during Estonia's fight for independence in the early 1990s. Nowadays it serves as a commemorative lookout and houses a restaurant. The viewing platform at 170 meters offers a fantastic view, although in case you’re interested in something a bit more extreme, you can book a “Walk on the Edge” tour for yourself or a small group. The restaurant on the 22nd floor boasts a fusion between Asian, French and local cuisines and will set you back around 15-20€ for the main course. Read more


5. The Tallinn Seaplane Harbor

Once a gigantic seaplane hangar, this massive shelter was only recently renovated and is now home to one of Europe's grandest maritime museums. On a historical note - the structure features one of the world's first columnless thin-shell concrete domes. But that is only icing on the cake! The real guts of the Seaplane Harbor are its exhibits, ranging from a submarine dating back to the 1930s, a century-old ice-breaker, mines, cannons and much more. At the heart of it all you'll find "The Race to the End of the Earth" - faithful reproductions of Roald Amundsen's and Robert Falcon Scott's base camps from when the two men dramatically raced to the South Pole just over a hundred years ago. These will be housed there till April 3, 2016. The museum offers a historical peek into the past of maritime achievements and will take a good chunk of time to explore fully. Luckily, the hangar also shelters Café MARU, a snug place to sit down while glossing over the entire exhibition area. Read more


6. Art Priori

If fine dining in a sophisticated art setting makes you feel home, then Art Priori probably has everything you're looking for! Tallinn is famous for its Gothic architecture, but Art Priori takes it to a whole new level, fusing the old with the new in a novel and modern way. Guests find themselves breaking bread in one of three dining halls adorned with highly valued pieces of art spanning several eras. Amidst all this you'll find an open fire and a Nordic menu that will cater both to fans of carne as well as followers of a more vegetarian lifestyle. Suffice to say, any fan of unique tastes won't be disappointed. Main courses are in the 20-30€ range, but this does not factor in the unique setting and the exhibition you'll have a chance to treat yourself to. Read more


7. Restaurant Noa

Located on the far shore of the Gulf of Tallinn overlooking the city, Restaurant Noa is a stylish place for fine dining. It is at the same time classy, trendy and relaxing. The main attraction at Noa, however, is its cuisine. The pricing follows a somewhat less usual bracket system whereby dishes are assigned either a 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 euro price. What you get depends on the bracket you choose and will range from simpler meals to more exotic dishes like moose pie. While browsing the menu, be mindful of markings denoting gluten free and lactose free meals. While not too snazzy or lavish on the outside, Noa opens up to a far more spacious yet homey main hall once you enter. At its core the restaurant has a functional feel to it, although the expansive windows offer a much welcome sea horizon for the eyes to rest on. Read more


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