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If you are travelling in Economy class, you can order your inflight meal in advance. The pre-order menu includes much wider selection of meals than the one available on board. And besides, people who pre-order meals get served first on the airplane.

You can pre-order your meal during the booking process at or after the ticket is booked via Manage my booking, during online check-in (up to 1 hour before departure) or at airBaltic ticket offices or Call centre up to 24 hours before departure. See the list of allergens (PDF)..

Grilled pork fillet with fried potatoes, vegetables and mushroom sauce + dessert and orange juice or red wine.
Meal code: PEML (juice) or PZML (wine)

Latvian-style Chicken Breast
Main course: Oven-roasted chicken breast with fried potatoes. Starter: Potato pancake with smoked salmon. Dessert: Dark chocolate cake. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: PKML (juice) or PSML (wine)

Prosecco (2 x 0,2l) and goat cheese cake with caramel and hazelnuts (1kg)

Meal code: PWML

Macaroons (6 pcs.) with Prosecco (0,2l)

Meal code: PXML

Beef Steak
Main course: Beef steak with fried vegetables. Starter: Salad with fresh cucumber and apple. Dessert: Mix of fresh fruit. Drinks: Orange juice.
Meal code: PNML

Cheese omelette with home fries and vegetables + yoghurt, croissant and orange juice.
Meal code: PCML

Pancake breakfast with jam, croissant and fruit + orange juice.
Meal code: PDML

Fried chicken fillet with sweet and sour sauce and rice noodles and dessert and orange juice.

Meal code: PGML

Teriyaki salmon with rice and fried vegetables (paprika, zucchini) + dessert and orange juice or white wine.
Meal code: PFML (juice) or PRML (wine)

Ciabatta with salami, cheese and tomatoes + chocolate bar, yoghurt and orange juice.
Meal code: PAML

Chicken Schnitzel
Main course: Chicken schnitzel with new boiled potatoes. Starter: Salad with prawns and rucola. Dessert: Cherry tartlet. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: PLML

Pork Medallions
Main course: Grilled pork medallions with fried vegetables, mushrooms and pesto-marinated potatoes. Starter: Slightly salted salmon with quail’s egg. Dessert: Cheese cake with ripe pear. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: PMML

Salmon in mustard with pickled vegetables + dessert and orange juice.
Meal code: PBML

European Breakfast
Main course: Selection of cheese and meat. Starter: Fresh sliced vegetables. Dessert: Yoghurt, croissant, chocolate. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: PIML

Roast Beef Salad
Main course: Roast beef salad with radishes and cherry tomatoes. Starter: Smoked salmon and smoked trout with Frise’e salad and lemon. Dessert: Assorted fruits. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: PJML

Kid's meal
"Octopus" sausages with mashed potatoes and cherry tomatoes + Barni biscuit, yoghurt and drink.
Meal code: PHML

Stuffed Potato Patties
Main course: Potato patties with grilled vegetables. Starter: Greek Lenten salad. Dessert: Mix of fresh fruit. Drink: Orange juice.
Meal code: POML

Kosher Meal
For those passengers who require food specially raised and prepared according to Kashrut laws, we are pleased to offer certified kosher food prepared under strict rabbinic supervision. Country of origin – the Netherlands.  Starter, hot meal and desert.
Meal code: PPML

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