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  • visit the arty neighbourhood and self-declared Republic of Uzupis
  • try a cepelinas, a type of dumpling and local delicacy
  • visit the spectacular Trakai castle nearby

Direct flights to Vilnius

7 flights weekly between Vilnius and Amsterdam, Netherlands

4 flights weekly between Vilnius and Berlin, Germany

12 flights weekly between Vilnius and Tallinn, Estonia

3 flights weekly between Vilnius and Munich, Germany

4 flights weekly between Vilnius and Paris, France


cheap airbaltic flights to Vilnius

Where the Neris and Vilnele rivers meet in southeastern Lithuania lies the capital city of Vilnius. Founded as the country’s principle city in 1323, Vilnius has also served as the centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Located some 300 km to the east of the Baltic seashore, the city has no true port, making it, like Moscow, a capital deep inland. A fair sized city, Vilnius boasts a population of 550,000 inhabitants and, with nearly 70 percent of the city made up of leafy parks, it is one of Europe’s greenest cities. Hop on one of airBaltic's regular flights to Vilnius International Airport to start a great holiday.


Labas! (Hello!) Lithuanian, whose only close relative is Latvian, is the official language of Vilnius. Russian is widely spoken and understood, although younger generations will be up to speed with English. A city-break in Vilnius does not require learning either Lithuanian or Russian, but a few phrases may come in handy, especially when lifting a glass to say cheers to your host. Either Oplia or I sveikata will do, as long as there is good eye contact.

See and Do

The old town is the most magnificent part of Vilnius, with one of Europe’s largest groupings of historic buildings. Baroque architecture prevails with a few outstanding pieces in other styles, including the Gothic St. Anne’s Church, said to have been even the envy of Napolean, who sought to pocket the tiny church on his return to France. It is simply stunning, no matter how many times it’s seen.  Archcathedral Basilica, first a wooden church constructed in 1251 and then rebuilt several times over the centuries is another strong piece of the city’s architecture, complete with some spooky catacombs beneath for those daring enough to venture in. Otherwise, the faint of heart can enjoy a photo history of the city inside the upper part of the church.

Here is where the Lithuanian magic begins. Outside in the square, find the Stebuklas (meaning Miracle) tile, make a wish and spin round three times to have your desire granted. This little stone marks the Vilnius end point for the human chain or Baltic Way connecting the three Baltic capitals during a protest a few years before the fall of the Soviet Union.

Climb up to Gediminas Castle from Cathedral Square to see this beautiful red brick castle built by the Dukesof Lithuania in the 14th century. Turn and look out for some extraordinary views of the city. The city has several museums of note, including the Lithuanian Art Museum, with collections of local art and some international pieces and the House of the Signatories where the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed in 1918.

For nightlife, get out to the Old Town where many hotel bars, clubs and trendy cafes await, along with the locals, who know how to create a great time. If possible, treat yourself to a little Krupnika, traditional Lithuanian honey liquor, to get into the full mood and style of Vilnius.

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