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Get the next flight to Warsaw and:

  • admire the views from the top of the Palace of Culture
  • visit museums like the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Museum of Technology
  • have a portion of pierogi or Polish dumplings


cheap airbaltic flights to Warsaw

Even though the city was completely levelled during World War II, the so called "Phoenix City" of Warsaw has arisen anew, determined more than ever to become a world class destination (and it is succeeding nicely). From the faithfully rebuilt Old Town to the few surviving palaces and structures, to its vibrant, jazzy nightlife and the festivals which annually attract tourists hungry for culture, Warsaw may more than surprise anyone out for a rewarding city-break. Located in the east of Poland on either side of the Vistula River and separated by the Warsaw Escarpment, a cliffside that runs throughout the town, Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and boasts a growing population of some 1.7 million, making it the 8th largest city in the EU. Join airBaltic on a cheap flight to Warsaw's Frederic Chopin International Airport and get to know the Mermaid City (the historic symbol of the city).


Czesc! (Hello!) While the official language of Warsaw is Polish, a West Slavic language, many of the city’s inhabitants speak some level of English. In addition, travellers are likely to encounter Russian, German and French. Therefore, any city-break in Warsaw is an opportunity to explore the Polish language while still getting along quite well both in the hotels and tourist areas, and beyond. Powodzeni! (Good luck!)

See and Do

Leave all assumptions behind when visiting this young city and experience the transformation in action in Warsaw. Begin in the beautifully restored Old Town at Castle Square marked by King Sigismund's Column (fronted by the Royal Castle, which you can’t miss), celebrating the King’s decision to make Warsaw the capital of Poland. Then, stroll down the so-called Royal Route to see its palaces and stop by the leafy Royal Baths Park dating to the 17th century and Warsaw’s biggest park. Home to the Chopin Monument, visitors in the summer may enjoy an outdoor piano concert here in honour of the city’s native composer. Also worth admiring is the spectacular baroque architecture and indoor art exhibition of beautiful Wilanów Palace, once home to Polish King John III Sobieski. But don’t stop there as Warsaw has many further sights to explore. See the Jewish part of the city at the Nozyk Synagogue, along the remaining portion of the ghetto wall on Sienna Street or down vibrant Prózna Street. Pay homage to famous Warsaw scientist Marie Curie’s birthplace at the Warsaw New Town or venture into Powazki Cemetery, a statue-packed ancient necropolis, and one of the oldest in Europe.
Tourists may purchase tickets to a show at one of 30 major theatres, top among them being the National Theatre founded in 1765. Music lovers will delight in the many options available, including the the Polish National Opera and the National Philharmonic Hall. Plan your flight for summer and attend the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, while other notable festivals include the Chopin Festival and the Festival of Old Music or, to celebrate the birth of summer, the Midsummer night festival of Wianki (or Wreaths), when the city erupts with fireworks and dusk to dawn riverside partying. The film industry is also quite alive in the city, highlighted by the fact that Warsaw featured as a backdrop in Roman Polanski’s Oscar winning The Pianist.
From the shining chrome of classic automobiles at the Motor Museum to the well-documented Warsaw Historical Museum, there are over 60 museums offering fantastic cultural diversity. Still, should you have time for only one, head to the National Museum for a day soaking up its broad collection of over 800,000 pieces covering most of Poland's history and art. For Poland’s largest private art collection, however, head to Carroll Porczynski Collection Museum including such masters as Rubens, Goya, van Gogh and Dalí.

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