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Take a flight to Moscow to:

  • witness a truly remarkable ballet performance
  • gaze in awe at the impressive Kremlin complex
  • do business at Moskva-city business district


cheap airbaltic flights to Moscow

A city of great contradictions, a central performer in empires under the command of steely Czars, the resting ground of communism’s passionate father and the present day capital city of the Russian Federation, Moscow is nothing short of powerfully extraordinary. Architecturally, the city has been restored and re-envisioned many times over, with its most ancient buildings gone long ago in fire. Among the most populated metro areas worldwide, Moscow has a total of 17 million inhabitants, earning it the status of a true megacity. Located on the banks of the Moskva River, the city spreads out from the Kremlin and Red Square at its heart in a series of concentric roads which subdivide the city, if not so neatly. Begin your city-break with airBaltic whose flights to Moscow land at Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo airports, depending on the flight you choose. Transport between the airports and Moscow city centre is well developed, you won't face any trouble.


Russian is the official language of Moscow and is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, which tends to cause difficulty for most westerners used to the Latin alphabet. Learning the pronunciation can be somewhat tedious as well, as there are a number of hardening and softening letters in Russian, making for some tongue-twisting new sounds in the mouth of a foreigner. Do learn the Cyrillic alphabet before you travel, as many words will have an understandable meaning in English. And although it is becoming slightly more popular, English is still a rarity in Moscow and locals may have trouble helping you. Check out some of the English language newspapers upon arrival to get an idea of what’s happening. Some are The Moscow Times, Moscow News and Element.

See and Do

Leave your hotel behind and head for the famous centre of the city, where Red Square awaits. The square does not, contrary to popular opinion, get its name from the colour of its bricks or from the red of communism, but instead comes from an old Russian word for "beautiful". Nearby, find and admire St. Basil’s Cathedral - majestic from the outside and with an intriguing museum inside. Afterwards, pass by the Lenin Mausoleum which houses Vladimir Lenin’s body, before heading to the Kremlin complex, emblematic of all that is Russian.  The seat of the government and residence of the president, the Kremlin also has a fabulous diamond collection in its Armoury, as well as several churches and particularly enticing gardens.
In the mood for a haggling adventure or just want to explore the market in action? Then explore Old Arbat Street for a potentially cheap souvenir, though tourists should beware of overpriced goods if they are not up to snuff with their Russian. Get tickets to a Chekov play at the Bolshoi Theatre for a sampling of Russian drama or head next to one of the Tretyakov Museums: one of which the Gallery with its extensive collection of mainly Russian artwork, and the other, bearing a collection from the 20th century. For a fantastic view of the city, stand at the lookout point of Vorobyovy Gory near Moscow State University. And before you head back home, be sure to have at least one banya, a Russian sauna, for a birch branch smacking and afterwards, its therapeutic benefits.

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