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Known as the unofficial Summer Capital of Russia, the Black Sea resort gem Sochi is the gateway to the Russian Riviera. Set to the backdrop of the gorgeous Caucasus Mountains, this is the place to enjoy warm sunny days and glorious sunsets on endless pebble beaches, go wild at the nightclubs, and brush shoulders with the celebrities and the political elite of the country. Find out more about Sochi!


From a 12th century Old Prussian fort on the Baltic Sea to its current incarnation as a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad has seen plenty of history. Today it is a pleasant leafy city, with revitalised historical enclaves, exceptional museums, charming neighbourhoods and trademark city gates. Find out more about Kaliningrad!


The heart of the world-famous wine region, Bordeaux is an extraordinarily open city, young at heart and bursting with life. Beside its rich history and architecture it is also cinematically stunning – its photogenic views appear in a great many films. And, of course, the city of Bordeaux is an ideal base for exploring the sunlit vineyards of the greater wine region and its unforgettable tastes. Find out more about Bordeaux!


A place of living and breathing harbourside history, Gdansk is one of the most beautiful port cities in Europe. Its highlight is the old town, splendidly rebuilt to its Hanseatic League glory after the destrucion in World War II. Gdansk is also the perfect gateway into exploring the picturesque northern parts of Poland – easy hiking in sand dunes, bird watching, all the pleasures of the Baltic coast. Find out more about Gdansk!


Lisbon, the ancient beauty, is a magic place to explore – up and down cobbled alleyways and occasionally dropping your jaw at yet another stunning view from a miradouro. Good food and wine is a basic human right in the eyes of the Portuguese, so whether you're at a fancy restaurant or a corner tavern, you're in for a treat. And in the night the city is just as bustling as in the day – whether you're enjoying a traditional fado experience in Alfama or partying at the trendy places along the Tejo waterfront. Find out more about Lisbon! 


The heart of Dalmatia, the most beautiful region in Croatia (at least according to the locals), Split is set to the backdrop of dramatic coastal mountains and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. It has been part of more empires than you can shake a stick at, and their traces in the face of the city are fascinating. Don't miss the palace of Roman emperor Diokletian, but there is much more to explore. And Split is a gateway to the many beautiful islands in the Adriatic, from Hvar to Korčula. Find out more about Split!


Welcome to Costa del Sol – the sunny coast! Malaga offers an exciting mix of abundant history and art and a laid-back beach lifestyle. Explore the rich architecture heritage, from the Moorish to contemporary, enrich yourself culturally in the ""mile of art"", even sit in the lap of Pablo Picasso – this is his birthplace after all. And when you've had enough of the sea and the sun, wind down with a seafood meal and a glass of wine. Find out more about Malaga

Tallinn - London

There is no other city that can match the aura of London! Steeped in history and brimming with art, culture and modern attractions, this diverse and cosmopolitan city causes thousands of first-time visitors to fall in love with it on a daily basis. Find out more about London.


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