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Passengers with special medical requirements

Before flying, persons to whom the following conditions apply are required to receive medical clearance from airBaltic:

  • passengers suffering from a disease believed to be contagious and communicable;
  • passengers manifesting unusual behaviour due to disease or a mental/physical condition, if this behaviour could have an adverse effect on the welfare and comfort of other passengers and/or crew, or could be considered a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or its punctuality;
  • passengers requiring special care and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight;
  • passengers whose medical condition might aggravate during, or because of, the flight;
  • passengers who cannot use the normal aircraft seat when placed in the upright position.

A Medical Information Form completed by the passenger's physician must be submitted to the airline at least 2 working days before flight departure.

Passengers with cerebral palsy do not need medical clearance, nor is it necessary to fill out a Medical Information Form.

1. Life-support equipment on board

airBaltic provides supplemental oxygen free of charge. Upon making the passenger's flight reservations, a Medical Information Form filled in by the passenger's physician, and which verifies the need for oxygen and the rate of flow per minute required, must be submitted. The supplemental oxygen will only be available on board the aircraft, which means that the passenger must make additional arrangements if oxygen is needed whilst at the airport or during a transfer. Passengers requiring supplemental air/oxygen must always be accompanied by qualified medical personnel.

Portable medical devices

If a passenger is planning on flying with personal medical devices – such as a nebulizer, an automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable oxygen concentrator (POC, CPAP), etc. – it is necessary to receive clearance from airBaltic.

Portable medical devices and medication are transported free of charge on the presentation of an appropriate medical certificate.

The free-of-charge baggage allowance for medical purposes may only be used to carry medical devices or medication prescribed by a doctor; otherwise the standard baggage rules come into force.

Each passenger is limited to one piece of baggage for carrying medical equipment.

Because airBaltic cannot ensure an inflight power supply, the device must be self-powered with fully charged batteries.

Passengers must inform airBaltic on the type of batteries powering said device, and clearance from the airline must be received before carrying the device on board the aircraft. Clearance can be given for no more than two batteries in a passenger's carry-on baggage.

In most cases, passengers can use authorized medical devices during the flight, the exceptions being during takeoff and landing.

Medical devices must adhere to airBaltic carry-on baggage dimension requirements (55x40x23 cm).

2. Access limitations
airBaltic flights do not transport stretchers. The number of passengers with reduced mobility on one flight cannot exceed the number indicated by the company's established safety requirements, because the cabin attendant is responsible for assisting these passengers in case of an emergency evacuation.

3. Medical certificates
Passengers are required to present a Medical Information Form that has been filled in by the passenger's physician. The airline makes every effort to accommodate the passenger's travel needs whilst taking into consideration the health, safety and comfort of both said passenger and other clients. airBaltic also guarantees the utmost confidentiality in dealing with a passenger's medical details, which will be known by authorized (medical) staff only.

4. Accompanying persons
If a passenger requires an escort (qualified medical personnel), the escort must not have reduced mobility. The escort must: be at least 18 years old; may not assist other passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility on that same flight; may not be accompanying other passengers who require assistance, such as an infant; and must be seated next to the passenger with reduced mobility.

1. Registration
When allocating seats to persons with special medical needs, airBaltic takes safety factors into consideration, which includes ensuring that the cabin crew carry out their duties unhindered, and that access to emergency equipment and evacuation of the aircraft in an emergency is not impeded. Pursuant to the EASA Commission (EC) Regulation No. 216/2008, on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Aviation Safety Agency (henceforth referred to as Regulation No. 216/2008), passengers with special medical needs (EU-OPS 1.260) will be issued a window seat in a row that has not been assigned as one containing an emergency exit. These regulations apply to passengers with special medical needs travelling either with or without an escort.

If a passenger with special medical needs is travelling with an escort, the airline will do all it can, within reasonable limits, to ensure that the escort and the passenger with disabilities or reduced mobility are seated next to each other.

2. Boarding and deplaning
If requested of the airline in advance, ground staff will be available to assist customers with special medical needs in boarding and deplaning. airBaltic will also provide connecting flight assistance to ambulatory passengers and those who have difficulty getting from one departure gate to another. Please note that  airBaltic is not equipped to provide full monitoring of patients whilst waiting at the gate. Should the passenger's condition require this level of supervision, the passenger must travel with an escort.

All physically challenged passengers will be able to pre-board the aircraft.

3. Security screening
Airport security screening is required for all passengers. If necessary, airport security staff will perform a manual search on passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility.

4. Flight and gate information
All airports are equipped with monitors displaying flight information. Similarly, most gate areas have electronic displays that indicate specific flight information. Gate agents provide verbal flight information including boarding announcements and any flight irregularity data for the benefit of all passengers.

1. Boarding and within the cabin
The Captain and the Senior cabin crew member are notified before boarding when persons with disabilities or reduced mobility are to be carried on board, as well as which seats they have been allocated.

The airline takes all necessary measures to ensure that both ground and cabin personnel are informed of a passenger's special needs. Along with the above-mentioned procedures undertaken to maximise the passenger's comfort and well-being after having taken into account the passenger's requirements for special care and attention, safety procedures – such as coordinating correct seat allocation and informing the staff of the passenger's disability or status – are also implemented.

2. airBaltic in-flight assistance
Flight attendants are not permitted to assist passengers with eating or personal hygiene. They are not permitted to lift or carry passengers, nor provide medical services such as the giving of injections, oxygen supplementation, etc. If the passenger's medical condition requires such or similar types of care, the passenger must travel under the supervision of a correspondingly qualified escort (normal fares apply). airBaltic does not provide the services of a personal escort during the flight.

3. Taking of medication
Please make sure that the passenger has all necessary medication in his or her carry-on baggage – do not put it in checked luggage. It is recommended to bring along a physician-issued prescription (written in English) for all medications and syringes that the passenger is transporting, in case customs or security officers have any questions. Bear in mind that airBaltic aircraft do not have refrigerators, so please make sure you bring any cold-storage bags or vacuum flasks with you.

Please submit requests for services to your travel agent or an airBaltic reservations agent at least 48 hours in advance of your departure. 

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