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Payment FAQs

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Payment options

What payment cards are accepted on

We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard and VISA Virtual payment cards (if the issuing bank has permitted the use of your card for online payments). VISA Electron and Maestro cards are only accepted if issued by banks in Latvia.

For more information, please refer to Credit card payments.

What is the verification code?

The verification code (CVV/CVC) is a code that protects your payment card from possible fraud.

  • VISA and MasterCard – on the back of your card, you should see 3 digits that are not part of your credit card number. These 3 digits are your verification code.
  • American Express Card – on the front of your card, you should see 4 digits that are not part of your credit card number. These 4 digits are your verification code.

VISA Electron and Maestro Card holders have to contact the issuing bank in case this code is not set on the card.

Are payments via online bank account accepted on​

Yes, you can pay for the booking via your online bank account. This payment method is available for flights booked at least 5 days ahead of the scheduled departure.

For more information, please refer to Bank links.

What is airBaltic Payment Card?

The airBaltic Payment Card is a reloadable Visa debit card which entitles the holder to a transaction fee waiver when buying tickets online from airBaltic. In addition, you earn PINS with your purchases – these are added to your PINS account automatically.

Are there any alternative payment options available on

The following alternative payment options are available on

  • iDeal;
  • Bitcoin;
  • PayPal.

For more information, please refer to Alternative payment options.

Does a transaction fee apply to my booking?

To cover the costs associated with the booking process, a transaction fee up to 5.99 EUR is applied to each reservation (depending on the selected payment option).

Bookings paid for with airBaltic Payment Card or via Bitcoin are exempt from the transaction fee.

What are partial payments?

Partial payments allow you to pay for your booking in several instalments:

  • splitting your payment into two instalments is possible if the cost of your itinerary exceeds 100 EUR and you have at least one month until departure;
  • ​splitting your payment into four instalments is possible if the cost of your itinerary exceeds 200 EUR and you have at least three months until departure.

The outstanding balance must be paid in time according to the payment schedule via Manage My Booking. Please bear in mind that there will be no automatic cash withdrawals from your bank account. Please note that a transaction fee is applied to each instalment, unless payment is made with airBaltic Payment Card.

For more information, please refer to Partial payments.

What is "Freeze My Price"?

Freeze My Price lets you book your flight but postpone payment for up to 48 hours. A handy option for those who want a little more time to finalise travel plans with friends and family. The service costs 8.99 EUR if using an airBaltic Payment Card or up to 14.98 EUR if using other means of payment. This fee is non-refundable. 

For more information, please refer to Freeze My Price.




Payment issues

How to proceed in case the payment is declined?

Please make sure that you have entered your payment card details correctly, that there are enough funds on your account and that you have not exceeded the daily payment limit. If the payment is still declined, please contact the issuing bank of your payment card. 

Transaction failures are usually related to problems between the bank and the payment provider, or the prohibition by the bank to use your payment card for online payment. We suggest using another payment card or contacting airBaltic call centre to make a reservation.

Why does my account statement show a different sum than the one noted before the payment was made?

airBaltic calculates the prices in euros, but if your account is set to a different currency the bank may apply a conversion fee. In such cases the amount on your account statement in your currency might be higher than the one shown on our website. 

From time to time, the purchase of ancillary services (as insurance or seat request) may fail; in such cases a smaller sum will be withdrawn from the account than the one indicated before processing the payment. 

What to do if the booking is not successful, but money has been withdrawn from the account anyway?

Before confirming your booking we contact your bank to check whether there are enough funds on your account to pay for the tickets. At this point, the bank blocks a certain sum of money on your account that is meant for this purchase, and sends us confirmation that we may complete the reservation. In case (e.g., tickets at the advertised fare have been sold out or some technical problems have appeared) we are unable to complete the booking, we send a request to the bank to unblock the respective sum on your account. This process may take some time, and it differs from bank to bank; however, it should not take more than a few days. 

If the sum remains blocked for longer, please contact your bank. In case the bank requests additional information from airBaltic, please contact airBaltic call centre, and we will send an additional request to the bank to unblock the reserved amount.


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